Benefits of Video Marketing

Lets talk about the benefits of video marketing and how it can affect your website overall. There are 4 key benefits when it comes to video marketing.

1. Helps improve SEO

Creating a promo video for your brand could mean a lot for the growth of your business. It will mean that people are more likely to visit your site after watching your video, so that they can see what else you have to offer. A higher quality video can increase viewer engagement, therefore carrying more traffic to your website. Google is on your side, as it has video intelligence. Which allows key words in a video to be processed by bots, which is overall a SEO advantage. Learn more about helping your business grow here. Video marketing is an easy digital marketing method that will help with your SEO as it is responsive across many different devices. Which means your video can reach larger audiences across the nation/world.

2. Keeps users on your page for longer

Research has suggested that people stay on websites with videos for much longer than those without. Considering creating a promotional video for your brand may help entice viewers to learn more. It has also been found, through research, that videos are more enjoyable than reading text and also more effective at helping people retain information. Creating multiple videos as well as a promotional video you can increase your reach through platforms on social media.

3. Videos are captivating

Videos are more interesting as they are a combination of both visual and audiotory senses rather than just visual senses (noise and movement). It has been found that the average viewer remembers 95% of a message from a video compared to 10% when read. This translates to higher session times on websites, and algorithm boosts on social.

4. Videos are easier to share

Videos are known to get more shares than text and image content combined. On the social platform Linkeden video is shared more often than other types of content. Another social platform that shows video engagement is TikTok which is all video content as is very popular amongst many people across the world, all ages and gender. Using platforms such as TikTok and Instagram for video marketing will help grow your brand. Videos are shared a lot more, this is because they are entertaining and offer practical value.

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