Everyone wants a slice of the social media cake.

That is why we’re sharing 10 great ways small businesses can improve their social media presence, so your brand can get the recognition it deserves.


Firstly, you need to have in your mind exactly what goal you want to achieve with your social media presence and how you are going to make this happen. Going in to this task with a plan will benefit you.


Your audience is the most important aspect of your business. You need to ensure you engage regularly with your audience, understand them and create content around what they want to see.


If you have different social media platforms, make sure they all link to each other, including your website. This means that if a user visits your Facebook page, they will also see a link to your Instagram profile and your website so they can visit those platforms too. Update all platforms with logo’s including your email signature. This will show a consistent approach across all networks.


With each post on social media, ask your audience to ‘Like & Share’ as this is the best way to get the word out that there is a hot business about town. Ask your inner circle to share for you, without spamming them, obviously!


With each social media post always add value for your customers as this will be instantly more engaging for them. Visual content is great and your audience will be drawn to this straight away but include some information or a great deal that your customers will really appreciate.


A very important part of social media is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Include keywords relevant to your business or product, maybe throw a few relatable hashtags in there and this will impact your search results on search engines, because everyone wants to be top of the list on Google!


To keep your audience engaged, post often. Don’t let your customers forget about you or wonder where your business has gone. Consistency is key. There are also functions on social media platforms where you can schedule your posts in advance, meaning that if you have a spare 10 minutes during your day but it’s not the right time to post, you can get yourself prepared with scheduled content.


Research is always important as there are many industries using social media, so what might work for one industry won’t necessarily work for yours, so always do your research on how to grow your presence in your industry. It’s also worth researching your competitors to see what advantages you may be able to gain over them.


Always be empathetic towards customers experiences. There will inevitably be some instances where a customer is not happy with your service or products and some customers may take to reviewing this on social media. Always be understanding of your customers experiences and go above and beyond to rectify the issue. If you’re quick, professional and understanding this will show the professionalism of your business on social media. Remember, we’re all human and all make the odd mistake.


A great way to improve your social media presence is to gain feedback from your customers and publish this feedback across all platforms. When a new customer lands on your page, they will see this great feedback and will want to engage.

Megan Unsworth
Hi I'm Megan, Director and Head of Content Writing for Creative Individuals. The reason I do my job? I love to write even more than I love to talk, and that is a lot! I've been with Creative Individuals from the start and from not knowing much about digital marketing, I now know everything! Content Writing is my passion, especially when I can write about areas I'm knowledgable and interested in, that's why I write a hell of a lot of content for Creative Individuals. Please take the time to catch up with our latest news, read all about trending topics, find out what we discussed on our podcast and so much more right here on our Creative Individuals Blog. Also, if you're interested in hiring a content writer for your projects just drop me a message, I'm always happy to help and take on a challenge! Bye for now, Meg x

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