Imagine the world without technology.

Technology is forever advancing and we can’t seem to step anywhere without coming into contact with a form of it. Therefore could you imagine a world without it?! The way that technology is advancing means those who take interest in this industry have a lot to look forward too. So what do we predict will change in the tech world this year?

Change may not be the right word, however advanced technology is something we definitely predict for the next year. Here are our predictions for some of the biggest possible advancements of 2020:


2019 brought a foundation for AI upon which we are building from. AI is becoming much more common across all industries and we believe this will only increase in 2020. From fraud prevention to operational efficiencies, specifically customer service support, machine learning algorithms on different platforms could be paving the way for a more tech savvy future. Whether AI is being used for voice commands, marketing insights or even self-driving cars in some ways artificial intelligence will more than likely learn how to push past its current limitations. Whilst there are many differing opinions surrounding AI and the scope it has to advance in the tech world, one thing for sure is the scope for growth in 2020 and beyond.


While AR is already visible on smartphone apps, we predict 2020 will bring further updates in the form of glasses. What are we searching for as a new form of AR? Something that that is overlaid on what we are directly looking at? We believe the ball is rolling on this project and could be introduced within the year, bringing a brand new tech experience for consumers. However, we hope those leading the way in this advancement will add value to their customer journey, without peppering our vision with annoying promo messages and create something to change the way we see the world (literally!)


With 2020 due to be the year of data driven technology, ultra-reliable and high-speed 5G wireless connectivity is going to benefit businesses and homes across the world. Believe it or not, the North West of England is currently leading in the 5G game (as northerners, we’re very happy about this), thanks to leading operators EE and Vodafone.

We believe 2020 will see the deployment of 5G across the world meaning world-wide tech advancements like AI and AR will be supported further, therefore have more scope to improve. This technology is truly transformative.


As technology advances, so does social media and we believe 2020 has a lot to offer in the social world. Our platforms are changing constantly meaning we’re always searching for the next big thing and whilst it has been growing in 2019, we believe TikTok is going to take over within the next year. In the past 3 years TikTok has grown from 2 to 14 million with scope for a lot more consumer growth. However one thing TikTok is yet to offer is live content, which we believe will dominate social platforms within the next year so there is still hope for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube! Aside from those predictions, our main expectation is for likes to be removed from Instagram’s platform. Something that is being tested in multiple countries currently, there could be a world wide roll out of the ‘likes ban’ in 2020 so it’s interesting to consider how this could change our perceptions of social media.

Whatever your beliefs surrounding technology and how this could advance in years to come, it’s something to invest your interest into and to keep up to date with tech advancements to stay ahead of the game, especially if you’re a business owner!

Megan Unsworth
Hi I'm Megan, Director and Head of Content Writing for Creative Individuals. The reason I do my job? I love to write even more than I love to talk, and that is a lot! I've been with Creative Individuals from the start and from not knowing much about digital marketing, I now know everything! Content Writing is my passion, especially when I can write about areas I'm knowledgable and interested in, that's why I write a hell of a lot of content for Creative Individuals. Please take the time to catch up with our latest news, read all about trending topics, find out what we discussed on our podcast and so much more right here on our Creative Individuals Blog. Also, if you're interested in hiring a content writer for your projects just drop me a message, I'm always happy to help and take on a challenge! Bye for now, Meg x

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