What did we do?

Our main aim for Body Culture’s first video was to capture the Kids Academy so they could promote this online. We had to showcase what the gym can offer with it’s qualified instructors and the type of exercises kids would be doing. A short video was required to share across social media but something that would have an impact and engage parents looking to sign their kids up to a fitness class. Starting off with an engaging introduction, the logo comes from an explosion-type animation to instantly capture attention then we decided to film different shots of the instructors using their experience to advise the kids. We wanted to show what enjoyment the kids could get out of a class like this, as it will encourage parents to sign them up throughout half term. Ending the video with a hashtag and the company logo means consumers are left with a good conclusion. Other videos are in the pipeline including lots of funny bloopers from the team!


Body Culture promote their services a lot on social media and they’re very interactive with their audience however they required something more professional to promote a service. This will draw in attention from a different target consumer, the parents of kids looking to attend fitness classes and will draw traffic to the rest of their content. Our blooper videos are always successful too as this shows a much more personal side of the instructors. Video content always generate great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Body Culture, a brand new state of the art commercial gym in Chorley. We had been asked to promote some of their specific services with the aim of promoting future services too. As this was a kids class, we needed to capture the enjoyment of those attending and the experience of the instructors throughout the video.


With an aim to encourage parents to sign up their child for a kids class, we captured as much content as possible to show the great opportunities these classes can bring for kids. We tried to blend in as much as possible to capture the natural reactions of those attending. Creating an eye-catching video was important to attract the target audience and encourage them to contact Body Culture.

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