What did we do?

We created a website for Boss Detailing to fit with their brand and create a central hub for their customers. We wanted a clean and modern look that would be eye-catching yet still user friendly so consumers would be encouraged to spend time on the site. Creating call to action buttons and including them on the home page means the consumer will be more encouraged to either contact Boss Detailing for a service or buy their products online. It was important to create a customer journey with the website and ensure no further questions needed to be asked as the content is completely transparent. We have also created multiple short promo videos for Boss Detailing to use on their social platforms to market their business and stand out from the crowd. In all of these videos we’ve portrayed exactly what Boss Detailing do with their cars to show the consumer what they could expect from the business. The more value these videos provide the more consumers will turn into customers and clicks into conversions.


We’ve generated much more traffic for Boss Detailing by creating content with value. A website is so important as a digital hub for your business where every other platform can link to so Boss Detailing will definitely benefit from this. The videos will gain attraction from online consumers and put Boss Detailing ahead of other competitors in his local area and beyond. Websites and video content generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a brand new website and video content for Boss Detailing, where it’s all in the details. They had requested promotional videos to showcase their work on quality cars and a website to sell their services and products online. We aimed to create valuable content to engage with Boss Detailings target audience and encourage them to book a service or buy a product.


We spent time with Boss Detailing whilst they were hard at work to capture the efforts put into the car servicing. From washing to polishing and even a first person account, we made sure to capture it all. We shared our vision for the website and videos with Boss Detailing to make sure we were all thinking along the same line and put effort into creating content that would perfectly showcase this business.

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