What did we do?

We created an interactive, informative website for Marina Club to engage with their consumers and encourage them to book a table. With instant call to action buttons on the home page slider, this means the consumer will be drawn to click on these and look at the menus with the ultimate aim being to book a table. As well as written content, visual content is key with any restaurant website as the food and drink is there to entice consumers and show them what the restaurant can offer. We created a more personalised experience by including blogs and recipes issued by the owner. This experience encourages consumers to book a table as everyone wants a personalised dining experience. We also created a promotional video for Marina Club to attract attention on their social platforms and direct them to the new website also encouraging them to book a table. By including pictures of their dishes, consumers will get a quick yet informative glimpse into what Marina Club can offer. The written content is short and catchy. The final element requested by Marina Club was new branding, to give them a new, modern look. We designed a new logo, menus, boards and much more to give the company a modern edge and help them step ahead of their competitors.


We’ve completely rejuvenated this brand by creating engaging digital content  which can all be linked across social platforms. Having a modern, user friendly website will generate much more online traffic and linking this to a video is even better and the consumers will be engaged instantly. Cross promoting content is key to today’s online marketing strategy. Having a professional and modern brand will ensure Marina Club stands out from the rest. Websites, videos and modern branding generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a brand new website, video content and modern branding for Marina Club, who strive to exceed expectations. They requested new, modern content with the aim to draw more attention to the restaurant and encourage consumers to book a table. All content needs to be linked perfectly across their social platforms to drive much more traffic to the website and engage consumers.


Our individuals put all their efforts into creating a sleek, new brand for Marina Club. Starting with the logo and overall branding we created logos, menus and so much more. Then being able to move on to the website, we ensure that the colour scheme matched with the new branding and that call to actions were included to encourage consumers to book a table. Lastly we finished off with a video to direct all social media consumers to the website.

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