Your customer audience, do you know who they are?

Who do you target your marketing material towards, who do you want to engage with and who do you want to buy your service or product? These are the questions you must ask when trying to understand your customer audience and understanding that is vitally important.

Firstly by understanding your customer audience you can plan a strategy for your marketing content. Dependant on age, would you promote your services online or in a newspaper? Would you cater towards predominantly male or female, therefore are there elements within your marketing content that would be more appealing to one particular gender? Having a customer audience in mind when creating your content will help and whilst the above examples may seem stereotypical, in most instances they are.

Don’t be afraid of doing your research when it comes to marketing towards your customer audience. Research goes a long way and usually gives you the best results. Test a few different marketing techniques to see what your customer audience engage with the most, this way you can zone in on particular, more successful marketing campaigns. It doesn’t do any harm to ask either; if your friends are within your target audience, ask them what they would like to see, what would stand out to them. The same goes with parents, family or other acquaintances. The more research you do, the better your results.

There are so many reasons why a good understanding of your customer audience is important and these reasons affect not only you but your customers also. Keep customers engaged with your content, your services and products, don’t let them get bored or fed up with your brand, it’s a shame to see a customer go. To see better results for your business, put the work in to understand your audience and give them what they want.

Because the customer is always right (some of the time).

Megan Unsworth
Hi I'm Megan, Director and Head of Content Writing for Creative Individuals. The reason I do my job? I love to write even more than I love to talk, and that is a lot! I've been with Creative Individuals from the start and from not knowing much about digital marketing, I now know everything! Content Writing is my passion, especially when I can write about areas I'm knowledgable and interested in, that's why I write a hell of a lot of content for Creative Individuals. Please take the time to catch up with our latest news, read all about trending topics, find out what we discussed on our podcast and so much more right here on our Creative Individuals Blog. Also, if you're interested in hiring a content writer for your projects just drop me a message, I'm always happy to help and take on a challenge! Bye for now, Meg x

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