Our Creative Individuals were fortunate enough to be invited to take a tour of The Villa in Balluta Bay, Malta and enjoy a seriously tasty meal with leading figures at The Villa and Brandsketch.

We’ve been working with The Villa and Brandsketch in different projects for some time, enjoying building a working relationship mainly over email or the phone. However during our recent trip to Malta we were invited to meet, in person, those who we have been collaborating with. The main reason we had been invited was to find out more about the organisation which will ultimately assist us in current and future projects as we’re developing their website and writing content for their social media platforms. The Villa is split into three entities; The Villa itself hosting private events, conferences and weddings; Taro which is an elegant restaurant providing creative and beautifully presented dishes full of wholesome flavour; and finally Nori which is an Asian Street Food restaurant with a twist which I’ll explain later.

We were greeted by the founder of Brandsketch and the Head of Sales at The Villa to take a look around the venue and find out more about the history of the building. It’s a beautiful venue, perfect for events and conferences and especially for weddings, with intricate detailing all around and a stunning terrace overlooking Balluta Bay. The downstairs area is taken up by Taro, with warm tones and wooden features it’s an incredibly inviting environment. Each table was set up for its next guest with hand crafted plates all customised with the Taro brand. We were invited into the kitchen to meet the Head Chef at The Villa who displays his passion in everything he explains surrounding the dishes and concepts he creates. It’s so interesting to see behind the scenes in an organisation like this, as everything seemed to run so seamlessly and the techniques behind the creation of food were processes I had never witnessed before. 

Being able to sit for a meal after seeing the creation of these dishes in the kitchen made our experience at The Villa very memorable. We dined at Nori and outside dining experience overlooking Balluta Bay, which serves Asian Street Food with a modern and young twist. We’re talking Chinese Sausage ‘Hot Dog’ Bao’s and Carbonara Dumplings, not to mention the amazing Thai Green Chicken Curry and countless amounts of Sushi. We had the pleasure of dining with the Director of Food and Beverage who perfectly explained the concept behind the dishes and how they are created. The bar staff shook up some unique cocktails based on each individual’s preference, which was a definite hit for us. Finally we finished the meal off with Asian desserts to die for! Personal preference would include the Coconut Fried Ice Cream and the Chocolate Orange Spring Roll. We enjoyed an evening full of great conversation and great food and will no doubt be heading to Nori again.

Building an exceptional working relationship is key for any organisation. It helps the flow of work and builds a great level of communication. Huge thanks to The Villa and Brandsketch for hosting us.

Megan Unsworth
Hi I'm Megan, Director and Head of Content Writing for Creative Individuals. The reason I do my job? I love to write even more than I love to talk, and that is a lot! I've been with Creative Individuals from the start and from not knowing much about digital marketing, I now know everything! Content Writing is my passion, especially when I can write about areas I'm knowledgable and interested in, that's why I write a hell of a lot of content for Creative Individuals. Please take the time to catch up with our latest news, read all about trending topics, find out what we discussed on our podcast and so much more right here on our Creative Individuals Blog. Also, if you're interested in hiring a content writer for your projects just drop me a message, I'm always happy to help and take on a challenge! Bye for now, Meg x

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