Consumers are searching and buying online now, more than ever before.

Regardless of the experience or size of your brand it is worth putting in the hours and getting creative with your digital marketing as the content created will retain value over time.

From a customer’s perspective, the first action they will take when finding a company to suit their needs is to search online and without an online presence your customers won’t be able to find you, this immediately gives you less opportunities to gain a customer base. Your company should have a user & SEO friendly website and also profiles across social media platforms to showcase your business.

Let’s break this down a bit to show you our top reasons why digital marketing is so important.

#1 Saving your pennies

Where traditional marketing has always been fairly expensive, if you were using printing services and paying to advertise on the radio etc. digital marketing will save you a lot more money, which is very important for a small business.

#2 Connecting with your customers

Digital marketing is a great way to connect with your customers as they want to see something with value. Creating content online, especially video content, is a sure way to properly advertise your business whilst engaging with your customers.

#3 Accessibility

In a world where mobile phone usage is so high, having a digital presence means your customers can search for you wherever they are.

#4 Tracking your trends

Being digital means you can track exactly how your customer base is reacting to your content. Back in the day, leaflets where posted through letter boxes and who knows what was done with them, we can bet most were thrown in the bin before even being examined. Online, you can track analytics meaning you can learn from different techniques and adapt them to your customers preference.

#5 Trust

Digital marketing assists with building a level of trust with your customers. Previous customers can leave reviews online, share your products on social media platforms and much more. This is what your upcoming customers want to see, as they know you are a reliable business.

So, if you have a small business without a digital presence, we suggest you look in to developing this, because we believe there is no other more effective way of marketing than digital marketing.

Megan Unsworth
Hi I'm Megan, Director and Head of Content Writing for Creative Individuals. The reason I do my job? I love to write even more than I love to talk, and that is a lot! I've been with Creative Individuals from the start and from not knowing much about digital marketing, I now know everything! Content Writing is my passion, especially when I can write about areas I'm knowledgable and interested in, that's why I write a hell of a lot of content for Creative Individuals. Please take the time to catch up with our latest news, read all about trending topics, find out what we discussed on our podcast and so much more right here on our Creative Individuals Blog. Also, if you're interested in hiring a content writer for your projects just drop me a message, I'm always happy to help and take on a challenge! Bye for now, Meg x

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