Struggling to make an impact online?
Professional promotional videos are key.


Struggling to make an impact online?
Professional promotional videos are key.

Why us?

Are you looking to boost your brand’s online presence in Chorley? Our Chorley promotional videos service is designed to help your business thrive in the digital landscape. Our team of expert videographers will create visually stunning and engaging videos that highlight your products, services, or special events. We use industry-leading video techniques to ensure that your content is optimised for any online platform, making it easier for potential customers to engage with you online. With our Chorley promotional videos, you can increase your website’s visibility, attract more visitors, and convert them into loyal customers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your online marketing strategy with our professional video production services. 


We help brands tell their unique stories through the power of video. We start every project by getting to know your brand’s message, values and goals. Our team of creatives will work closely with you to create a message that resonates with your audience and showcases your brand in the best possible light.


Once we’ve defined your brand story, we’ll get to work creating high-quality videos that bring that story to life. From corporate videos to social media content, our creatives will handle everything from concept development to post-production.


We understand the power of video in growing your business and we’re here to help you make the most of it. We’ll help you get your videos in front of the right people, so you can see real results. Our goal is to help you leverage the power of video to take your business to the next level.

why you need video.

Statistics show that video content has an audience reach of 92% worldwide, so you’d be crazy not to consider video content as part of your marketing strategy. The idea of implementing a video marketing strategy isn’t new but what has changed over the past few years is how important video has become on every single platform; from websites to social media and so much more.

Whether you’re a video novice or you’ve been implementing video marketing for a while there’s always new developments and cost effective ways of creating video content whilst still achieving a high quality product. As the technology to create quality videos gets easier, it’s become more popular with marketers. But that’s not the only reason video is the dominant form of communication today.

Videos in marketing have been used for over a decade now and with the rise of mobile phones made watching videos easier and much more convenient. Fast forward to the current day and consumers are spending an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online. If you want to boost your online presence and increase your revenue you need to build engaging and value driven video content into your online platforms.

There’s a whole host of reasons why video marketing is so popular but to name just a few; it improves SEO and boosts conversions and sales meaning that video can transform how you market a product or service and on the other hand adapt your consumers purchasing habits. Video marketing also appeals to mobile phone users, and with 80% of the world’s population using smartphones your audience is much less limited. Lastly, a factor that many seem to forget is that video marketing can educate your audience and therefore build their trust which means your audience will be encouraged to engage with your business.

let us tell your brand story
in the most engaging way.

"Absolutely fantastic service. I've been working with the CI team for about 3 months or so and they are as they say, very creative individuals. really pleased with what we have achieved so far and look forward to many more happy and productive years working together. Thanks very much."

Lee Cain - HFE

"Jake and Megan have been helping us for years now with anything creative. They've been a great help, thank you!"

Frazer Hatch - James E. Hatch & Son

"After getting nowhere with a previous agency and getting poor results, we switched to Creative Individuals, and we're glad we did. Jake redesigned our website in a single weekend and provided a comprehensive service including photograph, videography and brochures at great prices. I highly recommend Creative Individuals for all marketing needs."

Alex Cordwell - Prime Management Group

"Worked with Creative Individuals on web design, development & maintenance as well as video production and event photography & overall branding strategy of our fashion studio. Amazing work that went beyond our expectations. Jake is an amazing guy to work with. Very hard working, driven, and passionate about the project and willing to go above and beyond to get the job done!"

Jonah Vella

"We are a local gym based on Buckshaw Village, Chorley and needed some social media content to boost our presence. We were so impressed with the quality of our first promotional video clip. Jake was extremely discrete and professional when recording and the end product was super impressive!! We have booked Creative Individuals for more content and we cannot wait for the clips to be sent!"

Kate Green - Fitbox

here's a breakdown.

here's a breakdown.

What are promotional videos?

Promotional videos are marketing videos that are intended to promote your products, services, and events. Most video content, on some level, is promotional since you are trying to engage your audience. Promotional videos are effective because they are emotive and humans tend to base their decisions on emotions. So if you can touch your consumers on an emotional level with a video then you have done the job right. Promotional videos also drive sales, they offer an insight into your business and what you have to offer which is why it is a great idea to create a promotional video for your business. 

We cover different types of promotional videos including product or product feature videos, about us promotional videos, and event promotional videos.

What are the benefits of promotional videos?

We live in a society where digital products are a part of everyday life and we as a society are defined by technology. Every day we are using a smartphone or a computer, streaming services and/or social media. Things are not the same as they were. 

More often than not the audience that your business is targeting is some way going to be online, whether it’s on social media or on google. People want content from brands all the time and a promotional video is a perfect piece of content for your brand. We can help you create a promotional video that sends your message to your audience, engaging them and drawing them in wanting to know more about you. 

We have created many videos for businesses like yours that have really impacted their business in the best way possible and we want to do that for you. We will work closely with you to make sure you get the exact promotional video that you had in mind. 

Creating a promotional video can increase your brand awareness as your audience becomes invested in your message and that gives you the opportunity to turn them into loyal customers. 

These types of promotional videos can be posted on social media to be shown to a large number of people who may be interested in your brand. These promotional videos can also be added to your website so that the first thing that someone will see when they visit your website is the promotional video we have created together to engage them in your business straight away. 

What are three different types of promotional videos?

Product Videos

Product videos are the most popular type of promotional video and they are short videos that showcase your product in use. Product videos are great for your business if you want to show off your product in a quick and easy way, and if you want to explain how your product works. 

Company Overview Video

Company overview videos are a form of promotional video that allows you to introduce your business to potential customers. In this type of video you will give viewers an overview of your company, its history, and its products or services. 

Brand Video

Brand videos are a popular type of promotional video as it can be used to promote your business. In this type of promotional video you will showcase your brand in a creative and unique way.

So, could you benefit from a professional promotional video?

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why us?

We are Creative Individuals, experts in Chorley promotional videos. If your business struggles to stand out online, we have the solution. Contact us and one of our Creative Individuals will be touch.


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