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COVID-19 – How small businesses cope?

How should we, as small businesses, cope with the COVID-19?

Who’s sick of hearing the scaremongering surrounding COVID-19 across the world? We definitely are. Whilst we understand the importance of precautionary measures and general cleanliness. We wanted to take a positive spin on this issue. With being a small business ourselves, we have to take the good from the bad. We have to figure out what we can do in the midst of the panic. To keep our business up and running without taking too much of a hit.

When the coronavirus first reared its ugly head, we didn’t instantly fall into panic. Instead we sat down as a team and considered our contingency plans.

What would we do if our work dwindled?

Whilst initially some may think being a marketing agency may take it’s toll. As we shoot on set at various locations a lot. However the fact we’re a DIGITAL marketing agency means we also do a hell of a lot online. No face to face contact just emails and phone calls to get the ball rolling on a digital project. So the first point of call was making sure we had enough web design, analytics, and editing, to pass the time IF our on set shoots didn’t go ahead.

At present date we’ve had a few cancellations on the filming side but most of our clients are still happy to carry on as usual. The general consensus in CI and also with our clients is, if we’re healthy, as are they, then there should be no issues and unless our situation changes. We’re just cracking on! We’ve also worked with clients to dodge postponement of our film shoots . We decided to do whatever is possible over webcams like interviews.

Looking on the bright side

A situation like this, with any downtime you now have, use that to your advantage as a small business owner or creator. Had a business project in mind for a while but haven’t had the time due to client work? Use any downtime to work on this. Trying to build a personal brand as a business owner but other projects have always taken priority?

Put yourself first for a while. We believe the worst thing a business owner or creator can do, if their work has dwindled, is to sit back and wait for this to pass over. Be proactive, get your creative juices flowing and get ready for when we have the all clear and businesses are back up and running again!

Our Managing Director wants to share his message on what small business owners and creators should do amidst this situation:

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