Here at Creative Individuals there are no stupid questions. If digital marketing isn’t your strong point we are here to make things easier for you. Understandably, there are questions that crop up all the time and whilst we’re more than happy to answer them over phone or email, it might save your time to find what you’re looking for here. Take a look at what our other clients and visitors are asking us and see if they answer your questions.

Who are Creative Individuals?

If you’ve had a look through our website you’ll get a general idea of who we are however, to summarise, we’re a team of creatives specialising in videography, photography and website design. We’re knowledgeable, experienced experts in our field and we’re here to make your online ideas come to life. Whether you’re starting from scratch, you’re an established business or a sole trader we’ve worked with an extensive amount of clients and we’re ready to work with you!

Why should I choose Creative Individuals over another digital agency?

We’ve got a lot of friends in the digital marketing stratosphere so we’re never looking to bash anyone else however we are a personable team of creatives who are passionate about what we do. The difference between us and a larger scale digital agency is the interest we have in your business and the relationships we aim to form. It’s not our goal to make money, it’s our goal to help other small businesses achieve their digital goals and that’s something we stand by. Plus, we have a wide array of companies on our books who can vouch for us! Take a look at our portfolio to see what we’ve achieved.

What services do you offer?

We specialise in videography, photography and website design. Once upon a time we offered double the services that we do now, however we decided to strip it back and focus on three main areas of digital marketing, fine tune our knowledge and how much better we can work with our clients. Ad hoc digital services can be requested as and when required as we always aim to go above and beyond for our valued clients.

What is included in Video Production?

Now that’s a question, as video production is so varied depending on what your needs are. We range from impact promo videos to documentaries and podcasts. Basically we cover every corner of video production and tailor our services to what you require. If you want to find a more in depth explanation of what we offer, check out our Video Production page.

What is included in your Photography Packages?

We don’t package up our photography services as we know each business is unique and has their own individual requirements, so our preferred plan of action is to meet with you to understand your brand and realise your vision before we shoot and we are always looking to take on new, experimental challenges. Find out more over on our Photography page.

How much is website design?

Our website design packages start from £1,000 for a starter website. We can never tell you a set price until we’ve sat down with you and found out exactly what it is you’re after. We believe in taking the time to set in stone what your requirements are so we can work to create you the perfect website, whether you’re advertising your services, selling products or creating an interactive platform. Find out more on our Website Design page and get in touch!

Who can use your services?

Everyone and anyone!! We don’t discriminate when it comes to creating something amazing for potential clients whether you’re a big enterprise, a small business or a sole trader we want to work with you. Whilst we’re an extremely experienced digital agency we’ll always let you know if we’re incapable of a project (which is VERY unlikely) as we’re a completely transparent team. If you’re unsure of what you want, the best thing to do is get in touch, explain what you’re after and we will take it from there.

How will your services benefit my business?

Digital Marketing is the future of any business and our services are available to help you get started, grow your company or gain a large following. Each service benefits you in different but connected ways as video production and photography is a popular way of promoting your business, services or products in the most modern, beneficial way possible. Website design, we feel, speaks for itself. Having been through a pandemic we believed this highlighted, among many things, that having an online presence is so incredibly important to the longevity and security of your business. Let us turn your ideas in to reality and take a step in to your digital future today.

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