Importance of Digital Marketing 2022

Digital marketing is a vital tool to use when trying to promote a business in today’s digitalised world, this is because digital marketing helps create an online presence for a business. It also builds a reputation for the business online and makes it easier for customers or clients to find.

Cost Effectiveness

Digital marketing is one of the cheapest forms of marketing. You do not need to spend money on printing leaflets etc. Many aspects of digital marketing are free. For example all social media platforms are free such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Things such as email campaigns and website content also cost little to nothing to produce. A lot of small businesses may find that digital marketing is the ideal route for them, as they may have a low budget and digital marketing costs very little to get started.


Digital marketing is an effective way to reach a range of different people. Around 80% of people across the world are online. Many of those people will have social media accounts, this makes it easier for business to promote their products to a wide range of people. Billboards and leaflets are expensive and only reach a limited audience. However social media is free and reaches millions of people nationally and internationally. Customers and competitors are also online. By creating an online presence you have a better chance of competing with other businesses. SEO (search engine optimisation) would help a business and reach customers as it is a good way of increasing their online presence.


Digital marketing allows you to grow your business’s audience, increase profits and build a better relationship with past and future customers. Digital marketing allows you to get to know the customer and figure out what the customers like and do not like. You can track the customers activity through analytics and identify the most effective digital marketing technique that is working for your business. It also allows you to interact with your customers which makes the customers feel more respected and part of a community.

If you want to learn more about why digital marketing is important read our blog post why digital marketing is so important for small businesses, you could also take a look at our social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, to see how we promote ourselves!

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