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    Are you up to date with upcoming social media trends for 2019? If not, why not take a look at Creative Individuals 2019 Social Media Trends Report. Our report aims to bring you all the latest trends to help boost your social media presence throughout 2019.



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    It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or experienced social media agency owner – getting the right strategies is difficult, and it’s easy to forget the simplest things.

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    Social Media Report 2019

    Social media is always changing, meaning that if you want the best results from your social media platforms you need to keep in the loop. So, how can you adapt to the trends coming to play in 2019?

    There were many things to learn with social media in 2018; whether it was the way you were handling your customers data, finding the best form of content for your audience or simply how to make your brand reliable and trustworthy. So, going in to 2019 you should start implementing the latest trends to show your users exactly what your brand can deliver.

    In our Social Media Trends Report we breakdown five key trends in to much more finer detail so you have all the information readily available to really boost your brand. Who doesn’t love free advice?! Our advice comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Our Creative Individuals team have provided their extensive knowledge to gather information and wrap it up, nice and neat in to one detailed report so that our current and potential customers can really benefit from this.

    Here at Creative Individuals, we have a passion for social media marketing, which is why we have spent a lot of time perfecting this report for the reader. As a digital marketing agency, we follow the advice given in this report and aim to use the upcoming trends to our advantage, so if we’re doing it, you should too!

    We aim to create these reports annually to keep our customers up to date with all things social media, so keep your eyes peeled for the next annual report and obviously, all our content in between!


    Frequently asked questions

    What makes you qualified?

    Our Creative Individuals have extensive experience in social media marketing, having given presentations and webinars to thousands of agencies and businesses on the subject. He also founded and leads the team at SendPilot – an artificial intelligence powered social media management software company helping thousands of people get more traffic to their websites through social media!

    What Social Networks does the book cover?

    The book covers the best practices for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but because all of the popular networks focus on one thing: ‘Social’, you can successfully apply the underlying principles to Instagram, Pinterest and more! 

    What kind of techniques will I learn?

    The book covers a range of strategies and methods proven to get results. Things don’t come instantly though, so make sure you commit to exercising the techniques you learn with consistency and before to know it your posts will trend, your engagement will grow and your following will skyrocket! You will

    What format is the book?

    The format of the book is e-book – this means it will be delivered to you immediately via email so you can start learning the great techniques and strategies instantly!

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