Making Instagram Reels Viral

Instagram reels have become extremely popular over recent years, with many creators increasing their views and following by using reels. They can be a fantastic way to help your business grow it’s online presence. To do this, you have to know how Instagram reels work.

1. You need to know how the algorithm works

Firstly the understanding of how the reels algorithm works can be the difference between your videos going viral and them not being seen. Instagram uses an “all knowing matchmaker” to determine which users see which reels. Make sure you are adding in trending audios and relevant/popular hashtags and making your reels visually appealing as this will grab the attention of the algorithm.

2. Pay attention to the trending audios

As you scroll through Instagram reels you may have noticed that many users use the same sounds for their videos. Reel sounds tend to be short sections of songs or audio clips from other creators videos. When these sounds have gained popularity using them on your videos can help you gain more views.

It has been found that users search for sounds which the algorithm seems to like therefore your video will show up under the sound. Make sure you are using the platform and making note of the popular sounds so that when it comes to posting a reel you have the sounds that will get you views. If a sound has an arrow next to the name it means that it is currently a trending sound.

3. Post consistently

Posting consistently can be the best thing you can do to improve your online presence and to help you improve the performance. This is because it helps you increase your odds of going viral. The algorithm loves when you post new, interesting and entertaining content. Instagram prioritises showing recent videos over old ones so make sure you are keeping things fresh and new.

4. Make sure to be entertaining as well as informative

Many users of Instagram scroll through reels to be entertained not always to find deals and shop. Creating entertaining videos is important to get views and increase brand visibility. You have to make sure you have considered your particular niche. Tutorials are popular on this form of video content.

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