3DGBIRE Portfolio

Who Are 3DGBIRE?

3DGBIRE are an additive manufacturing company based in Chorley. At Creative Individuals, we take great pleasure in offering our services to our clients. 3DGBIRE provides a comprehensive 360-degree service, training, and technical support. Helping their clients understand the concepts of the groundbreaking technologies included in additive manufacturing. 

What we have Done for Them?

We work with 3DGBIRE on a regular basis. We have built up a strong connection with their team and work closely with them to provide top-level services. 

Our video production team have helped them achieve their marketing goals over the last few years. We understand that successfully adopting 3D printing requires a multi-faceted approach. Which involves machine integration, materials, software, workforce training, technical support, and consultation. That’s why we collaborate with their team of industry experts to develop the right video solution. That not only showcases their dedication to additive manufacturing but also meets their specific business needs. With our unmatched expertise, and commitment to quality.


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