Vimto Portfolio

Who are Vimto?

They launched a campaign called Camp Vimto in and effort to improve the lives of young people in the UK. The specially designed a programme that consisted of five sessions. 

1. Engagement – They recruited young people to join the programme. 

2. Induction – They ran an introductory session with participants.

3. Residential – They ran a 2-day residential.

4. Farm to Fizz – They organised and hosted an event at our Head Office.

5. Graduation – A graduation event was held for all participants, parents and guardians.

What We have Done For Them?

We started working with Vimto in 2022 when they launched their camp Vimto scheme. The process involved our team taking a trip down to Wales in 2022 and a trip to the Anderton Centre. Our team created videos using a montage of footage of the whole trip for them, including interviews and lots and lots of B-roll. For them to use at their conferences and meeting and on their website. We created long and short videos so they can be used at different types of events. We worked closely with their team to make sure our expert editors and videographers captured the right message.