Whysup Portfolio

Who Are WhysUp?

WhysUp, are a remarkable organisation whos aim is to reduce the devastating impact that addiction and mental illness. They have connected with more than 40,000 individuals. Their commitment goes beyond addressing addiction—it’s about the core value of supporting one another in every facet of life.

They’ve even gone the extra mile by establishing a support line, extending a helping hand to those who seek assistance, and, in the process, documenting countless memorable moments.

What We Have Done For Them?

We have been working with this company for many years and have learnt a lot about their cause. They are a regular client of ours and we create content for them to use every month. Videos such as Wellbeing With WHYSUP and My Story style videos. We work with their team closely to discover the best video strategy for them, bouncing ideas of one another to make sure they are getting the most out of video marketing.