What did we do?

There is a very dark and intriguing backstory to 19 Crimes and this is something that our individuals wanted to capture in the content. To give some insight, “Between 1788 and 1868, 165,000 convicts made the long voyage by sea to Australia. Times were tough for criminals, but the individuals…” remembered by 19 Crimes “…were tougher. They survived the boat ride and the exile. Now their stories survive into the 21st century…” Creative Individuals worked with 19 Crimes to film a promotional video fitting with this story, where two of Malta’s most well known radio presenters were locked in a prison cart and rolled down the streets of Valletta. We filmed this along with clips of them drinking the wine which is a great promotional tactic.

As 19 Crimes wanted to raise more awareness, our individuals made sure to feature the brand as much as possible in the video. The video was eye catching and therefore would have grabbed attention when shared on social media.

19 Crimes organised activities throughout the day which was caught on camera to show what they had been up to, we also included clips of 19 Crimes crew meeting with the general public which shows the viewer a sense of authenticity and realness, which is quite important.

Along with the promotional video, our individuals also created Instagram Stories which 19 Crimes could share on their platform, again fitting with the theme of the company.


Creating a quirky video for a quirky brand will always get good results as viewers will find it interesting, it will be eye catching as it stands out from the rest. Sharing these short videos on social media is great for brand awareness and shows that 19 Crimes have a good online presence.Video content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos and social media content for 19 Crimes, who requested brooding content to fit with their online presence. With some great ideas in mind, we were asked to film in the streets of Valletta, Malta and create a short video promoting one of 19 Crimes’ wines. This shoot was definitely something different than what we’re used to.


We aimed to create the best content possible to fit in with this brand as it’s very quirky. Our strategy was to promote a bottle of wine by linking the short video to the backstory of the company and to do this we locked two of Malta’s well known radio presenters in a prison cart and rolled them down the street (just a normal day!). We also produced Instagram Stories to be used on social media, fitting the same theme.

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