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360° Fashion Lab had a trendy vision for their brand new website, they needed a platform that really represented their unique brand and had asked our creative individuals to create something to match that. We started with a simple, sleek idea with the intention to use powerful imagery to grab consumer attention immediately. As soon as you enter the website you’re hit by the fashion lab in all its glory, this strong image should encourage consumers to look further into the site. It’s also important to have promo shots of the items on the home page as this is essentially why the consumer is visiting the website; to make a purchase. As we wanted a simple site we had to use enticing text to explain exactly what 360° Fashion Lab represents including call to action links to encourage consumers to click the link to the brands. Giving context around a company gives the impression of transparency and trust which is what most consumers are looking for, especially if they are going to invest their money. We always find it incredibly important to link platforms in every way possible, meaning from the website consumers can access the relevant Facebook and Instagram too.

The 360° Fashion Lab is a very unique company and collaborate with like minded creative designers and artists to produce clothing and accessories that are brand new to the market. Linked to the 360° Fashion Lab website is Jamel Mesbahi’s collection which we also created a website for. Again, powerful imagery was of utmost importance with this collection and these are showcased as soon as you enter the site to engage the consumer. We made sure to include content about Jamel; his background, his brand and why 360° Fashion Lab chose him as a designer. With this being an e-commerce site the importance of a shop was high, so we included a shop page where all of Jamel’s unique products could be purchased and included call to actions on other pages to entice consumers.


With 360° Fashion Lab being a new company it became incredibly clear that they required some serious marketing techniques to up-sell their brand and engage consumers from the initial launch. Our website gives the brand a platform to sell their products and market the company with impressive imagery and user friendliness. Web content always generates great results and without it your brand could seem as if it doesn’t exist.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a sleek, modern website for 360° Fashion Lab, a creative space in Vienna for creative designers and artists to collaborate on high quality, comfortable and unique fashion pieces. As a new brand in Vienna, we had to ensure 360° Fashion Lab would step ahead of their competitors and sell their products.


Within the fashion industry, it’s so important to catch the attention of consumers and that was our main strategy, whilst still trying to keep the website modern and sleek. We decided on strong, powerful imagery to set the scene and build a website so completely user friendly yet including everything a company needs to sell their products. Our goal was to create a site that would perfectly represent this brand.

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