What did we do?

Creative Individuals have created video content ranging from poker charity events to golfing tournaments. With all these videos we work extremely hard with the brand manager to find out his vision, once we know this we can then begin to storyboard the videos and create awesome content. Our creative individuals dedicate time to really perfect the content we create for Ambassador Events as it’s so important to showcase the events. It’s always a fun atmosphere at the events meaning it’s quite easy to get some great footage. One main aspect we try to fit in each video is interviewing the main organisers to give some context to the video. The brand manager, Andrew, assists us with doing this so it’s a great example of teamwork.

Let’s provide a quick breakdown of the different collaborations Creative Individuals have filmed with Ambassador Events:

Our individuals have filmed a number of events for Ambassador Events and iGamin Idol; including a charity poker event at the Dragonara Casino, a golf tournament at Royal Malta Golf Club and also a networking event at Waterbiscuit. All three of these videos were very different to film but the challenge stayed the same, capture the atmosphere of the event.

IGT collaborated with Ambassador Events at Tiffany’s Champagne and Wine Bar for a pre-Christmas event where guests would network, nibble, drink and play games all night long. One thing we wanted to highlight throughout this video was the genuine reactions of guests, winning at bingo or just enjoying a conversation with a colleague.

Lastly, we filmed behind the scenes for EBM where we followed the story of an influential CEO in Malta, working in the gym and surrounding his home life. This was a fun shoot as we were able to create a relatable, yet captivating story.


Due to the number of videos we’ve produced for Ambassador Event there have been many results achieved for their brand over time. Being able to share videos across social media platforms will achieve so much for the brand, with a much higher social media engagement rate and a bigger presence. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Ambassador Events, a premier event management service based in Malta. Ambassador events collaborate with a whole host of companies within different industries across Malta and our individuals are top choice whenever there is an event. We are always asked to capture the atmosphere of these events and also conduct interviews to give context to the video.


Creative Individuals have created many different promotional videos for Ambassador Events and the work is ongoing with future plans in the pipeline. Our strategy is the same throughout, create the best promotional videos possible by really showcasing everything these events have to offer. We want the viewer to engage with the video which is why we show engaging and relatable content.

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