What did we do?

We worked with Body Confidence to show what the gym can offer its clients. Focusing around making people feel confident by working out and being healthy, we had to ensure our video content showed this. An emphasis was made on the exercises included in the classes that Body Confidence offer, meaning we had to capture the finer details, including a lot of varied exercises. We’ve recently found that following movements with the camera, especially when exercising makes for a really enjoyable viewing, also the transitions become so much smoother. It was very important for us to capture the leadership shown by the instructors, as that is what engages possible customers and encourages them to want to attend a gym session as they know they’ll be taught how to exercise properly. We understand the pressure of having a camera on you, especially when exercising so we made sure to take a step back and let the attendees do their normal workout. It’s important to make sure people feel as comfortable as possible as that is what makes for the best footage.


Body Confidence gained a lot of attention when they shared this video on social media. It gave them the opportunity to professionally advertise their business and draw more traffic to their social platforms. As a newer gym in the area it’s important for Body Confidence to get themselves well known and jump ahead of their competitors and video content is the best way to do this. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Body Confidence HQ, who have so far helped over 500 men and women achieved their fitness goals. We had been challenged to perfectly summarise the boot camps that they offer at their gym with the aim to encourage social media users to engage with the content and ultimately want to sign up for the boot camp.


We aimed to follow the attendees throughout their session to capture everything involved, which ultimately shows others what to expect at Body Confidence. We wanted a lot of footage so we could work with this throughout the editing process and really showcase this business. We wanted to show a variation of ages and fitness abilities to show others that they can feel comfortable coming to Body Confidence.

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