What did we do?

Our main aim for Body Culture’s videos is to capture the true atmosphere of the gym and what the customers can achieve there. They wanted to promote themselves online, especially on social media so we had to show what it can offer with it’s qualified instructors. Short videos were required to share across social media, something that would have an impact and engage others wanting to join a gym and encourage them to sign up. The logo is used in each video as an explosion-type animation to instantly capture attention then we always go into the video, whether it’s a vlog style, testimonial or exercise showcase. Luke, the owner and a coach at Body Culture introduces a lot of thee videos and has a hand in each one, capturing what he wants to showcase. This brings a personal touch to the consumer. The main aim to finish the video is including the hashtag #jointheculture which is a catchy conclusion for consumers to remember.


Body Culture promote their services a lot on social media and they’re very interactive with their audience however they required something more professional to promote a service. This will draw in attention to their brand and encourage consumers to sign up. Having a personal touch means they are instantly engaging with their target audience and shows a much more personal side to the coaches. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Body Culture, a brand new state of the art commercial gym in Chorley. We had been asked to promote some of their specific services with the aim of promoting future services too. From testimonials to exercise explanations, we aimed to help Body Culture showcase their business and draw in new customers.


The strategy we always use with Body Culture is to show a personal side to the coaches and encourage consumers to sign up to the gym as they will gain value from each video, whether that is a customer testimonial, exercise explanation or general overview of the business. We show the coaches, gym equipment and make each video engaging with consistent logos and hashtags to make it memorable.

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