What did we do?

The brand of Bombay Sapphire is very well known, meaning that we included the brand in the video content a lot, mainly showing clips of the bottles at the event. As it’s such a well known brand attention will automatically be drawn to the videos with the brand being the opening clip. Our creative individuals always make sure to capture shots of the drinks being made, as this is also very important. Bombay place experienced staff behind the bar to make the best gin based drinks for their guests so we like to show potential attendees what they would be drinking at the event.

Bombay Sapphire tend to pick really nice venues for their gin evenings, meaning that we are able to capture this within the video, as this is something the viewer will be looking for. The events feature different acts and activities throughout the night, including live musicians so it’s important for us to film activities and entertainment at each event, including the dancing and singing that ultimately goes along with this! The events are always a lot of fun, meaning that it’s very easy to capture the guests laughing, smiling and mingling with each other.

Last but not least, background music is important for these videos, we tend to pick jazz style music as it’s very fitting with the events.


Like with any event, it’s really important to promote them to make sure awareness is raised which brings in more custom for the company. Creating a fun video results in viewers wanting to attend the event, to have fun themselves which is exactly what we aim to do for Bombay Sapphire. Video content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Bombay Sapphire, whose main aim is to create the finest gin possible. We were invited to capture the atmosphere of Bombay’s gin events held around Malta, with the aim to draw attention to their brand and the events. It’s always challenging but great fun to work with Bombay Sapphire, as the events are jam packed full of video opportunities.


Creative Individuals aimed to create the best content possible to really showcase the brand in each of their videos. It’s important to show the atmosphere of the events, to draw in more guests. One way of capturing the true atmosphere of the events is to film as much as possible, whilst having a story line in our minds, meaning when it comes to the editing stage we have a lot of fun clips to work with.

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