What did we do?

To make the best promotional video possible, we knew this content would have to be all about the lighting and angles as Cafe del Mar is such a stunning venue so this was our main focus. Our individuals wanted to capture the atmosphere and relaxed vibe of the venue and to add to this vibe, the background music had to be fitting.

It was important for the actress to be drinking the wine and for the wine brand to be featured regularly to promote it. We made sure the actress felt comfortable in front of the camera to get the best possible footage.

Cafe del Mar is best known for its stunning sunsets so our individuals felt it very important to shoot the video at this time to show it’s full potential. This lighting made for some incredible footage, which we feel really made the video stand out.


Cafe del Mar is a popular venue in Malta however there can always be further improvements when it comes to promoting a brand, the more promotion the better. Pasqua 11 Minutes will have really benefited from this content, as it’s a direct promotion of their brand and attracts attention from the viewer. Video content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a promotional video for Cafe del Mar in partnership with Pasqua 11 Minutes, a premium Rosé wine. Our task was to create video content to draw attention to the wine, promoting the brand, to attract a viewer to want to purchase the product. Mix this with a stunning venue, Cafe del Mar, we were happy to accept this challenge.


Creative Individuals put a strategy in place for this video to produce the best content possible to promote both the wine and the venue. Having a story line was important for this project, as we wanted to follow the actress throughout the day, as any person would spend their afternoon and evening at Cafe del Mar. Getting the perfect lighting and angles to capture the venue and showcase the wine was the most important part.

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