What did we do?

Creative Individuals worked hard with the Debenhams team before filming to see if our vision was the same as theirs. As the promotional videos are based around networking events we had to try and blend in with the crowd to get the best content possible, by blending in the guests relaxed and mingled which is something we wanted to film. We had to make sure that we knew exactly which products Debenhams were promoting and draw attention to these products and brands throughout the videos. As the viewers would be interested in Debenhams and fashion we had to capture all the details at the events, whether that be outfits, make-up etc. so when the guests began arriving at the events we made sure we were there to film them walking in, dressed to impress.

The guests who attended the networking events are some of Malta’s most influential especially in the fashion industry, so it was important to capture footage of them looking at specific items and walking away with a treat for themselves; this ultimately influences the viewers to want to buy these products as this is the whole point of influential figures online. Throughout the editing process our individuals made sure to add in different elements from the events, just to add a little context as this then makes the video more of a story, which is what viewers want to watch.


Even though Debenhams is already a very well known brand, there is no harm in further brand awareness, especially on social media. The video’s we created for Debenhams have been shared across social media, especially to promote new products which will ultimately increase sales. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Debenhams Malta, where there is design in every department. This content needed to be suitable for social media and to really capture the Debenhams brand. With both videos, we had filmed networking events in store which meant we were able to work with the influential guests in attendance, capturing true emotion and classy outfits.


With the fashion industry, it’s important to think of the details when filming. Viewers will be watching these videos as they’re interested in the brand and fashion meaning we had to tailor these promotional videos to that target audience, by filming the outfits worn by guests and the products available to purchase. Our strategy when filming guests was to catch them off guard, giving the video a genuine feel.

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