What did we do?

The key to getting the perfect photographs is to dedicate time, which is what our individuals did with Don Berto. We spent time deciding which props to use with each dish or drink, to accentuate the colours and add layers to the final pictures. Our individuals took many pictures to get the best angles, composition and lighting as these are all incredibly important factors that any photographer should consider.

We like to mix it up as much as possible when it comes to any form of photography or filming, so with Don Berto we chose as many different angles as possible, whether it was a waiter holding the dish, a guest drinking their coffee or a close up shot, showing all the details of the dish or drink. If someone is looking through an album of photos they want to see variety, so this is what we did for Don Berto.


These pictures can be used anywhere, whether that be on their website, to share on social media or even to print for their menus at the venue and that is why we always take the best quality photos possible. Don Berto will be able to share the images especially on social media to raise awareness of their brand and also increase their engagement on social media. Photo content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional photos for Don Berto, a restaurant located in one of the oldest cities in Malta, Vittoriosa. With specially prepared food, we were asked to take the perfect pictures to really show the quality and style of the dishes and drinks served at Don Berto. With an emphasis on details and our ability to add layers to a shot we were able to capture the elegant style of the restaurant.


The strategy for photography is always quite similar, by focusing on the details within the shot and being able to capture the style of a brand with one single photo, however for Don Berto we decided to layer the shots with different props complimenting the main dish or drink; we aimed to accentuate the product on offer. By adding extra layers to the photo and focusing on composition we’ve created the perfect pictures which can be used anywhere.

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