What did we do?

For a gym, it’s especially important to capture the community feeling within. That’s one main aspect we focused on with Fitbox as this is what was requested by the client. We aimed to show the varied exercises and fitness assistance offered at Fitbox, showing individuals working out, joining in with classes and being offered personal advice from the coaches. Filming was quite fast paced as there was so much going on within the classes and we wanted to make sure there was a mix of ages, genders and fitness levels, showing exactly what Fitbox stands for, a community. To ensure everyone felt at ease, we made sure to blend into the background and moved around as much as possible without getting in the way, this meant those who were in attendance felt they could work out like usual without feeling like they’re being pressured, that’s what makes the most natural video content. Throughout the editing process we found it very important to make the right transitions and tell a story with the content, showing a true picture of Fitbox. Music was important as we wanted it to flow with the pace and movements of different shots as well as the instructors voice in the background to give some context and show the coaches are invested and making their voice heard.


Fitbox has been using pictures and videos on social media since they started however to have one video to perfectly capture what they’re about has been extremely useful as they’ve gained more traffic to their social platforms and website. They’ve stepped ahead of their competitors, especially in the local area. These videos can easily encourage others to join a gym as they can see what to expect. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Fitbox, who are not just a fitness club but a community. We had been asked to capture the community feel at Fitbox and show what can be offered to those looking to join. From this content we were asked to create a promotional video in the aim of really showcasing the gym, the equipment and classes on offer.


Our strategy was to collect as much footage as possible so when it came to the editing process we had a lot to work with to showcase the gym to its full potential. We liaised with the owner of the gym to make sure our vision was the same as theirs so we could reach the same goal with the content. We’ve visited the gym a few times now to make sure we collect the best footage possible and have the ability to make future videos.

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