What did we do?

Creative Individuals worked hard with ICOM before filming to see if our vision was the same as theirs. As the video content is based around networking events and outdoor activities we had to try and blend in with the crowd to get the best content possible, by blending in we were able to capture the true emotions and genuine reactions of attendees.

This event was very fun to film, as there was so much to see, we were really able to challenge ourselves in capturing the best footage possible, which we then wanted to make into an awesome video. The editing process was really important for this task, as we had to cut down three days of activities in to a two minute video, so picking the best footage was our priority. We believe it’s also important to capture some behind the scenes footage, specifically when there is catering present at the event. So we made sure to grab some shots (and tasters) of the food prep.

To add some context to the video, we were challenged with adding in timelines of the activities throughout the three days. This made the video much easier to follow and the viewer had a sense of what was happening in each section of footage. These events aren’t all about sitting in a meeting room for days on end, they’re full of fun activities and networking opportunities and it’s really important to show that.


ICOM were able to share this video across their social media platforms, which their users will watch and realise that this event is something worth going to. It’s a great way to raise awareness of all the brand involved and also the overall meeting. Video content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a promotional video for ICOM’s EMEA Annual Regional Meeting 2018, held in Malta. Our individuals attended three days of events to film the activities and presentations held and create a video to show exactly what went down. As the activities and meetings were all very different, we had to make sure we captured every aspect of the event, to give the viewer a real insight.


Our main strategy with the ICOM event was to be everywhere. We wanted to capture every detail of the activities throughout the event so we made sure we pushed ourselves to get the footage we and ICOM wanted. It was important to focus in on the attendees to the event specifically their reactions to the presentations and activities. Our individuals knew an attention grabbing video would be the perfect content for ICOM.

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