What did we do?

Creative Individuals have created video content ranging from Christmas campaigns to Valentines promotions and much more for Intercontinental. With all these videos we work extremely hard with the marketing team at the hotel to find out their vision, once we know this we can then begin to storyboard the videos and create content matching with what they want. Our creative individuals spend time to really perfect the content we create for the hotel as it’s so important to showcase their brand. With all the videos we source the best fitting music to go with the theme of the video and to fit with the content. All the videos are short and snappy but we make sure to capture the atmosphere of the hotel and it’s facilities in a short space of time.

Let’s breakdown the different campaigns Creative Individuals have done for Intercontinental:

The summer experience video was created to capture the whole experience of the rooftop facilities at the hotel, showing the amazing infinity swimming pool, the bar and food facilities, we wanted to entice viewers as it really is the perfect place to spend your days in summer.

Our creative individuals produced a Valentines campaign in 2018 to promote the facilities available for couples wanting to enjoy a romantic stay together. The hotel suites with room facilities, dining facilities and overall atmosphere at the hotel was captured so well, showing couples that the Intercontinental is a great place to get away.

Part of the hotel is the Skyhigh Bar on the roof, which Creative Individuals were asked to film. We made sure to provide a breakdown of drinks available at the bar, showcased the experienced barman mixing the drinks and captured the vibe at Skyhigh, with a narrative from the barman over the top of the video to show some authenticity.

Possibly the most popular campaign we have done for Intercontinental is the Christmas campaigns. We spent a lot of time with the marketing team planning for both videos to make sure they were epic. We wanted them to be relatable and enjoyable for the viewers, incorporating Christmas themed music and really showing off the rooms available at the hotel.


Due to the number of videos we’ve produced for Intercontinental Hotels there have been many results achieved for their brand over time. One main achievement for the hotel and for Creative Individuals was during an awards ceremony attended by Intercontinental Malta where the Christmas video was presented in front of hundreds of people and Intercontinental Malta was awarded for having an exceptional Christmas campaign. Video content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for the Intercontinental Hotel, an exclusive haven on the island of Malta. As there are so many facilities at the Intercontinental our creative individuals have been asked to create video content for hotel suites, rooftop bars and even seasonal campaigns. Working with Intercontinental is always a challenge that Creative Individuals want to take on.


Creative Individuals have created many different promotional videos for Intercontinental and the work is ongoing with future plans in the pipeline, however our strategy for the hotel has always been to create the best possible promotional videos to assist Intercontinental to grow their audience and promote their facilities. New, creative ideas always flow when creating content for Intercontinental so we’ll give you a breakdown of what we do for them.

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