What did we do?

Creative Individuals worked hard with Ixaris before filming to see if our vision was the same as theirs. As the video content is based around networking events and evening drinks we had to try and blend in with the crowd to get the best content possible, by blending in we were able to capture the reactions of attendees, especially the dancing later on!

As there was so much going on throughout the day, we were really able to challenge ourselves in capturing the best footage possible, which we then wanted to make into a fitting video for the brand. Both venues used throughout the day were appealing to the eye so we made sure to use a lot of wide angle shots to capture the guests and their surroundings. It’s always important to show the speakers at conferences like this, as if the viewer was wanting to use the service, they would recognise a face which instantly makes it easier to communicate and relate.

Being able to show the diversity between the daytime activities and evening activities is important, it shows versatility within a brand, which is important for potential customers.


Ixaris were able to share this video across their social media platforms, which their users will watch and remember the brand. It’s a great way to raise awareness of the brand and the conference. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Ixaris, who are simplifying payments and profit across Malta. Our individuals attended a conference in Malta to capture all aspects of the event for a promotional video. From the conference setting, to drinks and dancing we were tasked with filming it all. Our individuals had to make sure we captured all the finer details from the conference, especially the branding.


Our main strategy with the Ixaris conference was to capture a lot of branding, so that when it came to the editing process we could really upsell Ixaris. We wanted to create a video where within the first five seconds the viewer will see the brand, so it was very important to film the banners, stage set up and any promotional material given out on the day. As usual, we also wanted to capture the reactions of attendees to the event.

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