What did we do?

Consistency is key for Kinnie’s videos, especially for the Kinnie Asks features we have created. The opening clips feature Kinnie’s logo and colour scheme, which instantly makes the viewer think of the brand and aware that this is a video for Kinnie. The background music is kept the same for the opening of each video, again to remind the viewer of the brand.

It was important for us to think about who we were filming, as this is aimed at the general public, we needed to ensure there was a diverse selection of people interviewed and also edited in to the video. Some people do not feel comfortable in front of the camera so we had to keep this in mind whilst filming and be respectful of people’s decisions. One other important factor was subtitling the videos, as this was filmed in Malta however we wanted to ensure anyone could watch and understand the video.

The Christmas campaign was filmed and edited slightly different to the rest as we wanted to capture real emotion and happiness and the best way of doing this is trying to be subtle whilst filming. This video is very relatable as the majority of people love Christmas and it has a really festive feel, which people would enjoy. So we were very aware of triggering emotions whilst working with Kinnie’s content.


Due to the number of videos we’ve produced for Kinnie there have been many results achieved for their brand over time. One main achievement required for Kinnie was to raise awareness, even though this is a well known brand in Malta, it could have done with improvement, which is exactly what we achieved. Video content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Kinnie, a unique tasting orange beverage popular in Malta. Kinnie like to interact with the public in their videos, therefore we were asked to film select people picked from the general public and ask them questions to bring in to one short promotional video. We were also asked to film a Christmas campaign for the brand, capturing the emotions of the public.


Creative Individuals have created many different promotional videos for Kinnie and our strategy has stayed quite similar throughout. We have tried capturing the realness of the general public in these videos, especially for the Christmas video as we were able to film real emotion and the happiness of the crowd brought together by Kinnie. This is a good strategy as it’s relatable for the viewer.

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