What did we do?

Our individuals worked with Lavazza to try and recreate their vision in video format. As this was a seasonal campaign, we made sure to focus everything around Christmas, the act of giving and kindness within the community (because that’s what Christmas is all about). One of the most important factors in this video is the people, some were acting and others were not and we aimed to capture the genuine reactions of those who were receiving gifts from the main actor, so that when the viewer is watching, they can relate to this feeling and emotion. By having one main character throughout the video, we were able to create a story around the actor by showing him as a ‘Secret Santa’ giving gifts to those who deserve it.

With regards to the editing process, we had to make sure there was a storyline for viewers to follow and assisting with the visual content we decided to add in text to give further context as to what Lavazza were doing for Christmas and what they were promoting. So, included in the text we explained what ‘Secret Santa’ was doing and what companies he was visiting.

Ending the video with a warm treat for the MSPCA is a good closing section, as we could then promote Lavazza’s new product within the story and finish off with text and a message from Lavazza, giving the video a more personal feel.


As a result of seasonal video content, Lavazza have really increased their brand presence in Malta. Already a well known brand, they’ve been able to raise even more awareness of their brand by using promotional material. Being able to relate to their audience with video content is very important and this is exactly what we’ve been able to do for them. Video content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a promotional video for Lavazza, who has a passion for excellence and makes every cup a unique experience. Our individuals were asked to create a heartwarming Christmas campaign, surrounding the act of kindness and giving back to the community, in a bid to raise awareness of their brand and presence in Malta, also promoting a new product just in time for those Christmas presents.


As this video was based around Christmas, the act of giving and kindness within the community, our individuals decided to capture Lavazza’s very own ‘Secret Santa’ delivering presents to local businesses who make a difference on the island. We followed the actor to each venue and filmed genuine reactions from staff, including some of their furry friends. This content was created to pull on the heartstrings of its viewers.

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