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Malta Wine Club host Wine and Dine evenings which Creative Individuals were asked to film, to create promotional videos for the evenings. With all the videos we have created we ensure that the vibe and atmosphere of the evenings is perfectly captured, as it is a relaxed yet fun atmosphere the music has to be fitting and relevant, so our creative individuals take time to source the best music to fit with the video content.

The Wine and Dine evenings are held at some of Malta’s most well known restaurants so in some ways we follow a very similar process for each, capturing the quality of wine being served, the food preparation and also the professionalism of staff at each event.

However, every restaurant has different features and different atmospheres so we take the opportunity to explore the finer details at each event and try our best to switch it up for each video, to keep viewers engaged. The details matter, as for the target audience of these events, they will be interested in what wine pouring instruments are used, what brands are offered and what is involved throughout the event so our creative individuals make sure we cover all the bases.


As we create regular video content for Wine Club, there is always something for their viewers to watch, and in this day and age video content is very popular. The Wine Club are always very happy with the promotional material produced and it shows exactly what to expect at their evenings. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Malta Wine Club to capture the relaxed, yet fun atmosphere of their Wine and Dine evenings held across Malta. Our task was to create video content to draw attention to their evenings and attract their target audience by showcasing all the finer details of the evening which wine enthusiasts would want to see.


Creative Individuals put a strategy in place for all Wine Club promotional videos to produce the best content possible, that means planning in advance and having a good idea, going in to the shoot, of what you and the brand want to capture. One thing we always do is make sure we capture everything, so when it comes to editing we have so much to choose from to make the perfect promotional video.

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