What did we do?

Our first move with Maya Solicitors was to visit the practice and get footage of staff, doing their work normally and capture a glimpse of what Maya Solicitors can do for a potential customer. We aimed to show each member of staff who work in each department to show the diverse services Maya Solicitors provides. Throughout the video we used the colour scheme and logo for Maya Solicitors so that the viewer will associate that colour with the business. One of the most important factors of the video was the text, we had to make sure the text was fitting with the footage and helped tell a story and really promote exactly what Maya Solicitors can do for their clients. To finish the video we included a memorable slogan and their website to link everything together.

For the website we spent time planning the best style to fit the brand and bring their website up to date. Giving it a fresh, modern look was a definite and it needed to be user friendly with enough information for the consumer. We made sure to incorporate the services areas as much as possible so the consumer gains a lot of information just from being on the home page and we linked all pages together so that the consumer would want to read on. Each service area has a vast spread of information so if a consumer is confused they can check the services and find out exactly how Maya Solicitors can help them. The colour scheme was kept the same all the way through and the logo was always obvious meaning that the consumer will remember the brand.


As a result of promotional video content, Maya Solicitors will increase their brand presence in their area. They will have one step up from their competitors and give a glimpse into their business from this content. Having a fresh, modern up to date website will make consumers want to spend more time on there, so this is much better engagement for Maya Solicitors. Video content and good web design always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a promotional video and website for Maya Solicitors, a well established civil practice based in the North West of England. Our individuals were asked to create a promotional video, showing what emotions one of Maya Solicitors clients would go through and presenting the solicitors as their solution. We were also asked to revamp their website, giving it a fresh new, modern look.


Our strategy with the promotional video was to withdraw emotion from the consumer. Maya Solicitors clients can have a difficult time finding the right professional help so we wanted to show the solicitors as their solution. For the website, we decided along with our client to give the site a much more up to date, professional and clean look. We worked with our contact at Maya Solicitors to fit their vision and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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