What did we do?

Creative Individuals worked hard with the Medigames team before filming to see if our vision was the same as theirs. As the promotional videos are based around leisure activities we had to keep our filming fast paced and keep up with the action, then in the evening we would blend in to the crowd to get the best content possible, by blending in the guests relaxed and mingled which is something we wanted to film. We were able to capture genuine emotions of those receiving medals and taking part in the presentations. As the target audience would be interested in sports activities we had to capture all the details throughout the event, whether that be specific high jumps, great volleyball shots or football moves.

The guests who attended Medigames are from all over the world, so it was important to capture footage of different nationalities and backgrounds to show the vast array of diversity within the event. Throughout the editing process our individuals made sure to add in different elements from the events, just to add a little context as this then makes the video more of a story, which is what viewers want to watch.


Medigames has been holding these events yearly for nearly 40 years however these videos were able to raise them more awareness on social media and various other platforms. Their target audience are able to see what the event is and will be more encouraged to attend future events. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Medigames, the 39th World Medical and Health Games. With a whole host of medical professionals coming together to compete invariousĀ  sports we were asked to capture the activities and create a video, to promote the games for future years and also to show the hard work and dedication that goes in to the competitions.


Our creative individuals headed down to the beach to watch volleyball, placed ourselves pitch side to shoot the football tournaments and over to the race track to capture the athletics. We made sure to shoot as much footage as possible to really showcase the event and also attended the evening activities to collect footage of attendees mingling, watching presentations and celebrating their achievements.

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