What did we do?

As a new business, Nutri-Licious needed content to create a hype. We created them a promo video showcasing their popular dishes, unique cocktails and brand new interior to engage potential customers. We dedicated a lot of time to make sure everything was captured from the bar staff to the servers and kitchen staff as we wanted to show consumers the journey at Nutri-Licious. We wanted to perfectly capture the atmosphere at Nutri-Licious in different ways, where you can go for a drink after work, enjoy a three course meal and even take the kids for tea. The main aim was to promote the company in an eye-catching way. Having the staff involved made a big difference as they’re able to show us exactly what they can do at the restaurant meaning the footage is true and engaging.


This video can be shared across all social platforms of Nutri-Licious meaning they have increased coverage and a great engagement rate. It gives the restaurant a chance to promote themselves in an engaging way meaning consumers will trust the restaurant to provide a great service. Video content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a promotional video for Nutri-Licious, an establishment that strives to achieve the perfect combination of impeccable service and exceptional food. We had been asked to promote the business as it was a new brand and had been newly refurbished. The main aim was to encourage online consumers to visit the restaurant and gain more traffic to their social platforms.


Our strategy was to perfectly capture the atmosphere of Nutri-Licious in a short video perfect for promotional content. The details were important so we made sure to capture cocktail making, cooking in the kitchen and the intricate interior details. We asked the staff to be involved to show an element of transparency and friendly faces.

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