What did we do?

We created a corporate looking website to match OPS’ brand with a simple layout and informative content. As OPS had requested a simple site, we still wanted it to be eye-catching and engaging for the consumer so we decided on a modern look with a user friendly layout. The main aim for the site was to inform consumers of their services and encourage them to contact OPS for further information with the aim of turning consumers into customers. To engage with consumers we created call to action buttons on the homepage and placed them strategically to encourage the consumer to click them, sending them to find out further information. To be completely transparent, we also created a team section on the homepage, showing consumers there’s a face behind the brand which makes for a more personalised experience.


With this website being a first for OPS, we’ve given them the ability to drive more traffic to their brand and services. A modern yet user friendly website is the forefront of any business and now OPS have a central hub to interact with their consumers. Websites always generate great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a brand new website for OPS, highly experienced in security services. OPS needed a platform to interact with their consumers and drive traffic towards their services. Engaging yet simple content was key and the written content needed to be informative.


Our aim was to create a user friendly, informative website to showcase the services that OPS can offer. We wanted the content to be valuable and informative and for the layout to engage consumers from the first instance. We soon realised that call to action buttons were incredibly important to drive consumers to engage further.

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