What did we do?

This project was a first collaboration between Pupa Milano and Creative Individuals which is always a challenge we are willing to accept. Our individuals made sure to brainstorm with our contacts at Pupa to create video content fitting exactly what they wanted. This content was being used on social media and as TV adverts meaning that we had to keep it short and snappy but eye catching.

The actors are always so important when it comes to this form of video content so we make sure to strike up a good working relationship, making them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, this makes for perfect filming. As the actors were wearing Pupa makeup, camera quality is key to focus in on this and the editing process was done to show the makeup products which are available to purchase and what Pupa wanted to promote.

Throughout the editing process we worked to create different effects to be used in the videos, as this grabs the attention of the viewer straight away. One effect we really focused in on is the red colour popping up throughout the video, as this is the brand colour, therefore makes the viewers subconsciously think about the brand.


It was important for Pupa Milano to be able to promote their products on social media and TV and the video content created for this purpose will result in much more brand awareness and increased sales. With a quirky, fun video viewers will be more inclined to check out the brand. Video content always generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for Pupa Milano, makeup and skin care with top quality and appeal. Our creative individuals were informed that the video content would be shared on social media and also used as TV adverts, so we wanted to create something eye catching and different, so that viewers would be drawn to the videos, whilst highlighting the different makeup on offer with the brand.


A new industry brings around different strategies, as our creative individuals experienced the beauty industry, we decided to make something quirky and fun, especially as this content would be for TV adverts. Short and snappy is key but all the while highlighting the different makeup available to buy. With set colour trends throughout, these videos were fun to film and edit and we worked well with the actors to create the best environment for filming.

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