What did we do?

As a brand new idea we were able to start from scratch, which is a challenge in itself! However our individuals are always up to the task and decided to take on the challenge. Starting with a concept is the most important part, whether it’s a business model, a product or service. We decided on a coffee brand, it’s something fun to work with and popular all over the world. We then began to work on our brand guidelines, setting primary and secondary colours to work with throughout the process, ensuring all brand elements were consistent and looked professional. Once we have brand guidelines set out it makes it much easier for us to create many different elements. Included within brand guidelines are fonts, sizing and and logos. We created multiple logos, fitting with different products all within the brand guidelines, these are then used across various outlets, whether it’s for a website, packaging or for a store front.

Different marketing material is required to be able to promote your brand or product. Using the brand guidelines we created business cards, posters and online content, this covers our marketing strategy and helps the consumer remember the brand, by keeping consistency. Then the most important element of our branding is the packaging. If we’re planning on selling instant coffee, coffee capsules and even considering opening a shop the branding needs to stay consistent and eye catching. We considered all products linked to coffee and created branding for our cups, cup holders and cans of cold brew, we’ve got our bases covered.


Your company is a brand, therefore awesome branding is necessary. By having good branding you’re raising much more awareness of your company, you’re engaging more with your target audience because they will take an interest in a company with up to date, eye catching branding. Good branding leads to a good reputation. Branding generates great results.



Creative Individuals challenged themselves with creating branding for a coffee company that doesn’t even exist! To show the importance of branding and how good branding impacts a company our individuals decided to give ourselves the task of creating something unique, modern and completely brand new. We want to show our consumers that brand design is key and an important element of your business.


Deciding on a concept is the first step towards a successful branding strategy, therefore we went for coffee, a delight all around the world. Starting with brand colours we made note of our primary and secondary colours to keep a consistent, professional approach to the branding. Building from brand colours, we considered different elements of branding and designed everything from logos to product packaging.

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