What did we do?

We created a fresh, modern website for TD Construction to replace an old, out of date landing page with the aim of making the business look more professional online. We wanted to make it completely user friendly but with unique elements which would make TD Construction stand out from its competitors. Content was key with this website as we had to portray the company with as much value as possible so creating engaging and informative written content was a high priority. To ensure the site wasn’t too text based however, we included different elements to give it a pop of colour and more interactive sections. The colour scheme was based around the logo and the brand so that consumers would instantly recognise the website as TD Constructions. Call to action buttons were included a lot throughout the homepage to encourage consumers to stay on the site for longer and take action by contacting the company for their services. To show the company’s credibility, we included testimonials from clients and accreditations achieved over the years, meaning consumers can rely on the company to be professional and transparent.


We’ve modernised TD Constructions brand by creating a new, modern website. This will draw much more traffic to their platforms and links everything as a central hub, especially for their social platforms. A website gives consumers the opportunity to contact the business directly and find out more about their services in depth. TD Construction can now also display their career opportunities in a professional manner. Websites generate great results.


Website design services - TD-Construction


Creative Individuals was challenged with creating an updated website for TD Construction, ensuring quality in construction. They requested a new website to help them step ahead of their competitors with a modernised look. We had to ensure the consumer journey through the site was engaging and informative with a good balance of written and visual content. This website had to be a good central base for TD Construction.


We decided to stick with a colour scheme to match the brand and logo so when consumers entered the site they would relate this with TD Construction. We created engaging written and visual content to encourage consumers to take action on the site. We planned the website to be user friendly and modern meaning consumers can find all the information they need on the site with call to action buttons on every parent page.

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