What did we do?

The key to getting the perfect photographs is to dedicate time, which is what our individuals did with the Cumberland. We spent time perfecting the lighting and planning the composition of pictures to get the best photos possible. We took many pictures to get the best angles, composition and lighting as these are all incredibly important factors that any photographer should consider. As there was no human subject in these photos we made sure to focus on one main subject for each of the photos, so that consumers are initially drawn to the main subject and then can look for the finer details, which add extra layers to the picture.

We like to mix it up as much as possible when it comes to any form of photography or filming, so with the Cumberland we chose as many different angles and different facilities as possible because the viewer wants to see different things. What our individuals found very important with this shoot was to capture the atmosphere and feel of the hotel, with it’s quirky yet elegant interior and bold blue and gold colours.


These pictures can be used anywhere, whether that be on their website, to share on social media or even to print for publications and that is why we always take the best quality photos possible. The Cumberland were able to share these images on social media to raise awareness of their brand and also increase their engagement on social media. Photo content always generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional photos for the Cumberland Hotel, located in the heart of Malta’s fortress capital, Valletta. The Cumberland wanted photos of the hotel, emphasising on the quirky yet elegant interiors and great facilities with the suites.Our individuals took a trip to the hotel to work the angles and get the best photos for the Cumberland to promote their services.


The strategy we used with the Cumberland was to find positions with the best lighting and compositions to really capture the atmosphere and feel of the hotel. We wanted shots of the suites and the facilities of the hotel to sell the rooms to the consumer, meaning that we spent a lot of time making sure everything was covered. The details are very important too, as those with a taste for interior design will appreciate seeing this.

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