What did we do?

Our creative individuals made a modern, clean website and an engaging video for the Meal Prep King in the aim of promoting the business further. We created the website with a clean and minimal look to make it completely user friendly and funnelling the users through to the shop section to download the e-books created by the owners. We kept to a colour scheme fitting to the Meal Prep King and created graphics to instantly draw attention and make consumers engage further with the site. It was important to include a lot of content on the website to give consumers as much value as possible, encouraging them to make a purchase so we included visuals, blogs and written content with that goal in mind. When it came to creating the video for the Meal Prep King, our vision was shared with our client and an agreement was made to film the preparation of a meal prep dish. The main focus was to include all ingredients when preparing the dish to bring value to the consumer and give instructions. The more value video content provides the more it will be viewed, shared and engaged with. The aim was to create a video shareable on social media so that consumers will engage and share on their platforms.


We’ve generated much more traffic for The Meal Prep King by creating content with value. A clean, modern website is the perfect forefront for any business so all social platforms can link back to this and encourage consumers to make a purchase. By having professional video content and a brand new website, The Meal Prep King now holds a professional stance in the industry and is a step ahead of their competitors. Websites and video content generates great results.



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating a brand new website and video content for The Meal Prep King, helping you prep yourself back to health. They wanted a promotional video to show how to meal prep and also a website to sell e-books and provide value to their customers. We had to make sure the consumer journey to make a purchase was engaging enough to follow through and create great traffic for The Meal Prep King.


Our individuals put all their efforts into creating eye catching content for The Meal Prep King to engage consumers. Creating a video meant we needed to show the journey of preparing a meal so that consumers would find value from it. We planned the website to keep it user friendly but also making it engaging from the moment the consumer enters the site, always leading a path to the E-Books being sold.

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