What did we do?

Creative Individuals brought a 15 year old brand in to the new age with new branding for their website, packaging and shop. By presenting a fresh, clean look the Meat Man has instantly become more appealing online and in person as it fits with current online presence, with a minimalist feel which is very popular at the moment and will be for a long time.

Creating new branding is a long process, with a lot of changes along the way. Our individuals spent time perfecting the branding and in talks with the Meat Man to make sure our vision matched their vision but the time spent creating the perfect brand is always worth it in the end.

As we’ve developed a great working relationship with the Meat Man, we have already lined up further projects including video content and provide ongoing work maintaining their website and assisting with SEO to really optimise their business. As our creative individuals know the brand so well it seems very fitting to carry out all digital marketing processes for the Meat Man.


We’ve brought the Meat Man in to the new age by creating new branding for them, meaning that their online presence and appeal is better than ever and will attract much more custom. As the branding is consistent throughout, the Meat Man holds a professional stance in their industry. With the web maintenance and SEO work our individuals are carrying out, the Meat Man will be well optimised online and will have constant assistance with their website to keep it up to date and relevant. The perfect brand generates great results



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional content and branding for the Meat Man, the UK nations local butcher. Our individuals have been working with the Meat Man for some time, with our biggest project being a complete re brand of the company. With many different elements being part of a re brand, we took on the challenge to make professional and modern branding to help the Meat Man raise further brand awareness.


It’s very important to have a good looking brand, which is why our individuals put in 110% effort to perfect the Meat Man’s brand, bringing it up to date and giving it a fresh, clean look. Working with the company is necessary when creating new branding, so we spent time before starting the project to agree on the perfect colours, logo and overall look fitting to the Meat Man. We strategically created timeless branding.

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