What did we do?

The Villa in Malta had an upgrade which meant it’s website needed an upgrade too. To perfectly represent the brand, we opted to create a modern, stylish website with a clean yet minimal approach making it very user friendly. With an interesting backstory we decided, with the approval of The Villa contacts to include this on the home page so consumers are instantly drawn to it. The Villa is split into three concepts which means the links from the home page needed to stand out and encourage consumers to go to these pages. Each concepts has its own style. Whilst The Villa and Taro are both styled quite similar with a modern and stylish approach, Nori is styled to represent the brand perfectly with its Asian style.

The most important factor of this website was to make it easy for the consumer to access information about the restaurants. The restaurants follow a simple link from the homepage and this also applies for the menus. The gallery has powerful imagery to sell the food and beverages to the consumer, encouraging them to book a table. The website is also linked to The Villa social platforms meaning an easy transition for consumers.


As a result of an upgraded website The Villa will increase their online presence and stay ahead of their competitors. Consumers should be encouraged to stay on the website for a while and have the ability to find out all the information they need to know. This then encourages them to book a table or enquire about the restaurants. Good web design always generates great results.



Our creative individuals were challenged with creating a website for The Villa, a 19th century building where delicious memories are created. We aimed to work with The Villa to upgrade their website to a high standard and showcase their company. We needed to make the website user friendly with a stylish edge, encouraging consumers to book a table at The Villa due to its engaging content and design.


As with most of our projects, our strategy was to initially work with The Villa and decide on the style of the website and what they wanted to be included on there. We spent a lot of time throughout the project coordinating with The Villa to make sure all their requirements were being met. Incorporating style with user friendliness can be difficult but we mastered this concept for The Villa.

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