What did we do?

Our creative individuals have worked extremely hard with Vivagol to create the website they’d been dreaming of. As an online sports betting site we had to make it completely user friendly so that consumers can navigate the site easily. With a colourful appearance it’s engaging for the first interaction meaning this will draw the consumer in and encourage them to spend more time on the site.

We have including interactive factors throughout the site including tutorials, highlights, blogs and quizzes meaning consumers will gain value from the website. We wanted Vivagol to stand out from others and be one step ahead of its competitors. We worked hard with Vivagol to make sure the website included everything the consumer would need to know and to make sure their vision came true.


As a result of a new, modern website, Vivagol will increase their brand presence and stay ahead of their competitors. It’s important to portray the reliability and trustworthiness of your business so your consumers are encouraged to invest their time and hopefully money. Having a website means Vivagol will be seen online as as their site is user friendly and engaging consumers will want to spend time on there. Good web design always generates great results.



We were challenged with creating a website for Vivagol, an online sports betting site that sets itself apart from the rest. Our aim was to match their brand and bring their ideas to life. We were asked to make a website where users can navigate easily and gain value. We decided to make it colourful and engaging to encourage users to spend more time on the website, turning clicks to conversions.


Our strategy was to work with Vivagol and brainstorm ideas so we all had input. From the back-end it’s a very technical website but this means from the front-end it’s impressive! We decided to incorporate new techniques to ensure its modern edge but user friendliness. Content is key with this website so we’ve included video, animations and written text to engage with the consumer.

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