Analytics gives your business the opportunity to make good decisions both online and offline. The practice of analytics is all about supporting decision making by providing the relevant facts using real customer data. Our data geeks will make sure your analytics tracking codes are setup correctly. We will ensure that the data you are receiving is accurate and help you understand the story the data is telling you.

Analytics & Tracking Services We Provide

Google Analytics

Whether you need help setting up Google Analytics or development with your existing build, we’ve got you covered! So whether you need help with your website audits or implementing tracking we can help.

Adobe Analytics

Whilst this is a less commonly used platform, our geek love to get their hand dirty and learn about other platforms. This has lead to us building a number of solutions that help business get full visibility of the their customer’s buying cycle thus making them more effective with their overall approach.

Tag Management

Display Advertising is form of online advertising through banners. Banner advertising is also called display advertising because of the visual appearance of banner ads. We use display advertising to promote your brand where your potential customers might be hanging out. Our team of creative can create eye-catching banners that drive traffic to your website and create brand awareness!

Data Visualisation & Insights

YouTube has a number of different Ad formats that all drive different outcomes. Our experience has helped us identify a secret recipe that drives the desired results by placing ads in relevant places that entice higher valued clicks that are likely to lead to conversion. Whilst this method is often used to promote brands to bigger audiences, we believe that if this is done effectively it can lead to a solid return on investment.

Competitor Analysis

Landing Pages are a very important element to a successful PPC campaign. Whilst your keyword bidding drives the traffic to the page, the page needs to convert the visitor into a buyer. Our Individuals will build a creative yet intuitive landing page that has the sole purpose of providing converted traffic!

Market Research

The pay per click (PPC) audit will allow us to better understand the goals of your pay per click account and campaigns. We will then optimise the tracking of your campaign using our methods for at least 30 day. Our Individuals will perform a comprehensive review of your account and campaigns provide feedback to help you optimise your campaigns effectively.


Take a look at the services we recommend to help optimise the social media content we
have produced for you, to achieve maximum results and the best ROI possible
How does web design impact your marketing? Putting it into perspective, a badly designed website could have potential customers closing the browser and searching elsewhere. The design of a website is the first impression for a customer meaning colour, style and different elements should be considered when designing a website, adhere to your customers needs.
Poor use of photographs and pictures can really damage a brands reputation. A strong photo campaign needs great photography that will have an impact on the consumer, so having poor quality pictures will only weaken the campaign. Having knowledge surrounding photo quality is very important, market your brand with picture perfect photographs and you’ll be much more successful.
Video marketing should be a top priority for any marketing strategy. The modern day consumer wants to see actions, they don’t want to read or look at pictures, they want to watch a 30 second video and know all about a brand or product. Catch the eye of the consumer within the first few seconds, give them value from the content and you’ll have a much higher chance of turning clicks into conversions.
frequently asked questions
Here you’ll find what we believe to be the most frequently asked questions regarding Analytics & Tracking. If you have more questions you can always feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or give us a call.

What is Google Analytics?

Whilst there are a lot of alternatives, Google Analytics is one of the most popular online tracking and analysis software used today. Google Analytics provides a lot of information about your website visitors and users, where they come from and how they behave on your site so you can monitor, measure and improve your online presence.

Google analytics is a very powerful tool and provides a lot more sophisticated and usable data to grow your business, but unfortunately most Google Analytics setups go no further than putting the tracking code on your website.  You will not get the most out of it unless the configuration is altered slightly to clean up data, and report on important metrics for really matter to your business.

Why should i perform analysis of my online performance?

Analytics should be the centre of your online marketing activities by providing insights into which channels, pages and campaigns are working, which one’s aren’t. By measuring the key performance indicators of your online presence, this allows you to know all the valuable actions and revenue being generated online.

Analytics can also help you improve your website and revenue by understanding where users are spending most of their time, the most popular pages or elements of your website to exploit, and the drop off in your online funnels and sales processes.

Are there any other alternative to Google Analytics?

Whilst Google Analytics is one of the most popular platforms, there are other tools that provide different features that are not covered by Google. We have worked with a number of different platforms such as Adobe analytics, Kiss Metrics, SERP Stat, SEM Rush, Ahrefs and many more. These all provide a similar service to Google but they also offer niche’ features that set them apart from their competition.

I already have Google Analytics installed on my site, why do I need more work?

Well just setting up the tracking on your site only allows you to track the data. By altering the setup and implementing specific tracking code for phone calls, form submissions, downloads, videos watches or button clicks you will know what is working and what isn’t. It’s is important to keep your analytics maintain, especially if you have recnetly updated your website with new features or pages.