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Creative Individuals is a Creative Marketing and SEO agency in Lancashire specialising search engines who use modern and creative search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics. As an SEO agency we aim to help you increase your traffic and rankings for keywords and long-tail phrases that bring business to your site ethically.

Without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) your customers will never find your business online in today’s competitive world. Want to start attracting new traffic?

We have helped clients improve their online presence for several years both locally and internationally. We take our time to learn your products and services to help you deliver digital marketing strategies that not only drive brand awareness and engagement but most importantly buying customers!

We are a data-driven SEO agency in Lancashire, made up of young and passionate individuals that have a hunger for numbers. Our range of SEO services focus on the more technical and analytical aspect of digital marketing to not only drive conversions but to also increase your visibility on search engines.

SEO Agency in Lancashire

SEO Services That Work

SEO can be achieved in many different ways, we focus on the technical and non-technical aspects to ensure we achieve results in a short period of time. Whilst this is possible, SEO is a long-term strategy to acquire visitors organically over time. Our Paid Search (PPC) services help customers achieve short-terms goals whilst supporting the successful development of your SEO strategy.

With Google regular algorithm updates it’s important to keep your site and it’s content in check. Our trained experts will work with you to develop content that meets the new requirements of the latest and largest, Google BERT update. Google’s AI is now able to understand natural search phrases which drastically improves its ability to understand a searcher’s intent. This drastically changes how content, especially old content, is starting to rank in Search engine results.

These exciting new changes bring good opportunity and new creative ways to deliver your content to your audience via our services.

SEO Content Creation

Need optimised content? On-site copy and graphics should be timeless and optimised. They’re the foundation of your SEO strategy – they need to last and still be good well after they’ve been added. Good on-page written content reinforces SEO, and should always relate to your search optimsation.

SEO Analytics

There are tons of tools out there that can help you identify your SEO efforts. Whilst these tools are great they can also provide too much data that can lead you or your team to misleading outcomes. Our SEO team makes this easier by understanding your business objectives and focusing on the reporting that really matters to you. Whether you need help in setting up the right reports in your existing tools, or you would like to receive relevant and simplified reports, we can help!

Local SEO

We will dedicate one of our Search Engine Optimisation experts who will strategically target your audience and help you reach customers that need your product or service. From on-page SEO to local business schema markup, our local SEO team drives customers in-store and online.

Schema Markup

Want Google to recognise and promote your site better? We put code on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for your users. If you’ve ever used rich snippets, you’ll understand exactly what schema markup is all about. But if not, we here to help!

On-Page Optimisation

Ever wondered why your pages are not ranking? On-page optimisation, also known as on-page SEO, can have a big impact on whether your page has the ability to rank better than your competitors. We will review each individual page and optimise title tags, URL’s, Page Content and Image alt text to ensure that your page is well-laid out and search engine-friendly.

SEO & Content Marketing Strategy

Our SEO Strategy implements the technical processes to increase quality traffic and attract visitors to your site. On the other hand, content marketing is focused on using valuable and relevant content to drive profitable customer or client actions. SEO without content marketing is like a dancer without rhythm.

Technical SEO Audit

Our technical SEO audits help businesses identify errors that may be preventing their websites from being ranked in search engines. Once we have identified the errors and fixes we will work closely with your developer to get the fixes implemented. The technical SEO audit focuses solely on technical performance and on site factors.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors is an essential task in today’s market. It’s is important to understand where you stand in comparison to your competitors. We conduct a thorough high-level competitive analysis, which essential to your online success.

Local Business Listings & Reviews

Local business listings and reviews play a vital role in reputation, rankings, and revenue. No competitive local business would give up the powerful — and largely free — advertising potential of online listings.Our business listings team ensures accurate listings across hundreds of third party sites, helping you improve location rankings and show up in more local map packs and across search engines.

Voice Search

With the rise of voice search devices and one of the biggest updates seen by Google in November 2019, called the BERT update, voice has become a new way people are driving conversions. Our experts have been practicising various Google Actions and are read to start helping AI find your business.

Link Building

Link Building is used in search engine optimisation (SEO) because links inform Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. Therefore, sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings.  Our experts help ensure that your back links are generated ethically and are relevant your brand.

Conversion Tracking

Our creative geeks love data! We have worked with a number of tracking systems such as Google Analytics, Qlikview, Facebook Analytics etc. We use our experience and your expertise to track your customers’ journey and help your business identify successes, opportunities and much more…
Making SEO accessible to businesses of all sizes

Why You Should Work With Us?

As a Creative Marketing & SEO agency, we understand the concerns small businesses have in today’s competitive landscape because we were there too.
We believe in complete transparency when it comes to working with our customers to ensure that working with us is an investment and not an expense.

We have a team of trained SEO and SEM experts that are purely search engine and digital advertising geeks that focus on data-driven results.
Our team are ready to share their knowledge and SEO tactics…. Are you?

We are an SEO agency that first focuses on the quick wins then build strategies for long term results. The quicker the return, the better the investment.
As an SEO agency we ensure that our experts are certified in Google Analytics, Google Ads & Strategic Marketing with Years of experience in Sales.
This allows to continuously improve our skill-sets to provide our customers with the best possible service compared to other agencies.
SEO frequently asked questions
Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions our SEO agency recieve regarding SEO. If you have more questions you can always feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or give us a call.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is one of the best tools that companies have in terms of gaining visibility online because it allows them to bring in more visitors through free, organic search results. The major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank websites based on specific parameters they deem most important and they do so at no cost to the website owners. In optimizing your website and increasing your ranking in search engines results, you will gain more visibility and will, in turn, see an increase in visitor traffic to your website.

What do I need to know about SEO?

There is good news if your website is currently ranked low in search engine results! You will be able to increase your ranking by implementing a new SEO approach. The most important thing in SEO is knowing search engines’ ranking factors – such as keywords & content, engagement & traffic, or domain-level brand metrics – to make sure your website is seen as relevant and popular by search engines.

Why is it important to audit my website for SEO?

The first steps in auditing a website for SEO is to learn your current rank, review your website’s analytics, and determine the keywords that will set you apart. This will also help you understand how the website is built and what might be impacting your site speed and crawl-ability.

What is crawling and Indexing?

Search Engines have automated robots called crawlers that use links to scour the Internet, find web pages, and decipher page data that are indexed to be included in search engine results.

How do search engines rank websites?

Each search engine has different ranking factors, but they all have a few factors in common: keywords, content, and links. Keywords and content are arguably two of the most important factors that search engines look for when ranking pages. Because of this, it is imperative that you know what keywords are in highest demand within your market and incorporate those keywords into the content on your website. All of your website’s content will naturally create a collection of links; search engines use link analysis algorithms that look at the sources, number, and anchor texts of links to help determine their relevance in search queries.

How do SEO and PPC work together?

This can work in a number of different ways but the best way to explain their relationship is; SEO is a long-term strategy as it takes time to build your way up the organic listings. Whilst PPC is used for more short-term strategies such as launching a new product or promoting an occasional event. PPC Keyword performance can also help you re-align your SEO strategy over time whilst SEO supports domain relevance for PPC campaigns.

What is AMP and Mobile optimisation?

Having a mobile optimized website will help improve your search engine ranking because search engines are starting to develop mobile crawlers that will create mobile-only indexes. Accelerated Mobile Performance (AMP) allows for faster rendering of web pages on mobile devices and is recommended by Google. It has three components: AMP HTML is a simple redesign of HTML with specific AMP commands, AMP JS is javascript for mobile that ensures quick page rendering, AMP Content Delivery Network will cache your AMP content for fast delivery. In Google searches on a mobile device, there is now a carousel of search results that only includes webpages that have implemented AMP. While AMP is not yet a ranking factor, it does drive more traffic and visitors, especially from mobile devices where your website is more likely to be a top result in Google’s carousel.