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We are a Video Production company in Manchester that will make your business look more professional. Many of us use videos day to day so why not use that to your advantage, use an amazing promotional video to gain more clientele. While making and publishing videos may not directly bring in the money, smart businesses use video production services as a tactic to improve consumer engagement. Since social media has redefined marketing, videos have become an integral part of any successful marketing mix. Cross-promoting your videos with all the other content you have is a powerful way to strengthen the different signals you are sending to customers. Use Video Marketing to your advantage today.

Video Production Company in lancashire




Whether it’s a conference, networking event or gala dinner it’s always worth catching your events on camera. With any event you need to get guests in the first place, therefore you need to advertise this event and the best way to promote is by video. Coverage of an event is essentially the key to better attendance in future.


In this age, corporate video production plays a huge part in the success and reputation of your brand. So, having a high quality, informative and valuable promotional video is very important. With corporate videos there are so many avenues to present them, whether it’s a sales pitch or promoting a brand.


If you’re looking to launch a new product the best way of doing this is with video content. Today’s consumers want to see something in action before they think about making a purchase or building a foundation with a brand, keep that in mind when planning your marketing strategy.


Consumers pay attention to fun, colourful animation videos as it’s something different rather than the usual content online. With a large majority of the human race being visual learners we are looking for a story to follow, to engage with visual content. For these reasons there has been an inevitable shift to include animated videos in our marketing strategies.


Are you ready to dip your toe into social media advertising? Social media can make or break your business depending on how it is used, use it effectively and you’ll have a much higher engagement rate with your consumers. Our awesome videos will help you achieve maximum marketing results.


Interviews, ‘a day in the life of’ and much more. We really enjoy helping our clients make documentaries surrounding a business or brand as it’s real life and that’s what consumers want to see. We’re fully stocked on incredible audio equipment, so give us a shout if you’re looking for reliable videographers with lots of experience.



As a video production company, we were challenged with creating promotional videos for one of Malta’s top Blockchain and Digital Innovation networking events, Delta Summit. The video content produced during the lead up to their event was vital as they wanted to achieve maximum attendance and create a hype so we put a plan of action in place and made a stand out video to engage their target audience. It’s so important to promote events with a professional video production company as the content will speak for itself.


One of our most popular videos, we helped Intercontinental Hotels Malta recreate scenes from Home Alone to boost their Christmas campaign and it worked a treat. Our video production team spent a lot of time with their marketing team to achieve the best possible success rates from this video campaign. We wanted to engage their target audience and produce something they would enjoy and relate to (because everyone’s watched Home Alone right?!)


Video content can be shared anywhere and Pupa wanted theirs populated across social media platforms and also TV. We knew this needed to be an eye-catching advert promoting brand new products engaging their target audience. Keeping the video content short but informative was key with this project and the staging was equally important. Keeping the brand colours consistent throughout the video made a huge impact and helps customers remember the company.





Take a look at the services we recommend to help optimise the video we have produced for you,
to achieve maximum results and the best ROI possible.

How does web design impact your marketing? Putting it into perspective, a badly designed website could have potential customers closing the browser and searching elsewhere. The design of a website is the first impression for a customer meaning colour, style and different elements should be considered when designing a website, adhere to your customers needs.
Poor use of photographs and pictures can really damage a brands reputation. A strong photo campaign needs great photography that will have an impact on the consumer, so having poor quality pictures will only weaken the campaign. Having knowledge surrounding photo quality is very important, market your brand with picture perfect photographs and you’ll be much more successful.
Social Media plays an important role in how consumers discover, research and share information about brands and products. Therefore, marketing on social media is as important now than ever before. Sharing content across different social media platforms creates links, which is a priority for a brand; it shows a good digital presence, which is a must in this day and age.
Video marketing tells a story and one way of telling that story is by animated video content. Share compelling messages about your brand or product through animated video and you’re on to a winner. Consumers want to engage with content online and animations are a great way of catching attention. Be creative with your content and make an impact.
Targeted advertising is much more effective at generating both clicks and conversions and this is purely because it’s personal to that consumer. Consumers are much more interested in targeted ads meaning they’ll take more notice; no more scrolling past annoying ads. As long as the targeting is accurate there are many reasons to add this to your marketing strategies.
As with everything else in business, a marketing strategy is important to optimise resources. A marketing strategy provides guidance in all decisions and highlight the path to achieve objectives and goals. Failing to plan is planning to fail and if you fail to realise the importance of a marketing strategy your brand may suffer. Don’t lose out to competition by making a simple mistake and create a marketing strategy today.
frequently asked questions
Here you’ll find what we believe to be the most frequently asked questions regarding Video Marketing If you have more questions you can always feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or give us a call.

Who are Creative Individuals and what do you do?

Creative Individuals is a video production company in Lancashire that specialises in producing authentic marketing videos and animated video production. As a digital agency, we also offer strategic consultations as well as design, hosting and analytical services.

What is Creative Individuals' video production process?

Our process is broken down into the following six steps:

1. Concept Development
2. Design Development
3. Story Boarding
4. Voice-Over (if needed)
5. Production
6. Hosting & Analytics

All this is explained in our client portal, where deliverables will be broken down when the proposal is accepted.

How can you measure the success of an online video?

From an analytical viewpoint, you can look at the number of views, engagement, number of submissions etc. Using tools on social media platforms; insights and more.

How long will it take to product a video?

At Creative Individuals, we usually take a day or so for pre-production and then depending on the scale of the project a days filming usually covers it. When it comes to post-production again depending on the scale of the project we plan to get your video to you at a maximum 5 business working days.

What can clients expect from a professional video production company?

The benefit of involving a professional video production company is that the entire production process from beginning to end is handled by industry professionals who have in-depth experience across all facets of video production; from the communication strategy to the different design elements that have been proven to be most engaging.

Where can we shoot my video?

Your business moves fast and so do we. Our size allows us to be flexible and able to travel to any location.

My spokesperson has never been on camera before, will this be a problem?

We provide comprehensive media training services for any number of people in your company.

Why is Video Marketing important for my business?

Video is one of the most important channels of communication for any brand. Video Marketing is immediate, shareable and allows companies to bring new depth to their brand identities for sales, marketing and media coverage. From animation to executive interviews to product demonstrations, video can be used for any number of purposes. Additionally, video is critical for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and pages with video are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google results.