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Social Media Demographics

What are demographics?

Demographics are specific groups of people targeted for a particular product through marketing strategies.

Instagram Age and Gender Demographics


Users 16-24 years olf prefer Instagram to other social media platforms. On the other hand, the number of older males has increased by 63.6% as well as around 13% of Instagram users being 45+. Also, 11% of 9-11-year-olds use Instagram accounts run by their parents/guardians.


Instagram users have almost split down the middle between male and female users. However Instagram has introduced a list of preferred pronouns in profiles, therefore more diverse gender options are available. Therefore many non-binary users are on the app, however, these have not yet been collected by Instagram.

Facebook Age and Gender

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The largest demographic group of Facebook users are 25 and 35 years old. On the other hand, 13-17 years old make up the smallest percentage of users and users aged 65+ has increased from 4% in 2019 to 9% in 2020.


The split of males and females using Facebook is fairly even, therefore 52% of users are female and 48% of users are men. However, more males 25-34 years old are users of Facebook.

TikTok Age and Gender Demographics


TikTok is very popular among teenagers and Generation Z users. Therefore 18-24-year-olds are the largest group of TikTok users and users 13-17 years old are the second largest age group of users.


More women are active on social media than men but not by much. Females aged between 18-24 are the largest group on TikTok with female users 13-17 years old being the second largest group.

Twitter Age and Gender


The largest age group of Twitter users are 25-34 years old which is 38.5% of users. However, the second largest group of users are 35-49 years old.


Although Twitter appears to be more popular amongst males, around 28.8% of females are users on Twitter compared to 71% of male users.

Around 28.8% of females are users on Twitter compared to 71% of male users.

Find more statistics about social media demographics on Statista.

Social media demographics infographic

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